The Peculiar Press: The Town That Was Swallowed By Books!

The Town That Was Swallowed By Books SmallIn Colorado, a strange literary mystery slowly engulfed the town of Longmont as hundreds of books started to appear on the side of the freeway. Nobody knew how or when the whole incident began, but the books just showed up one day and began to multiple until the sides of the main thoroughfare were littered with them. People would pull over to the side of the freeway and rummage through the books like an outdoor market. The crew in charge of roadside litter removal stated that it took them over twenty hours to clean up the first wave of books, but more and more kept showing up in their wake. After an exhaustive search for the culprit behind this mass literary littering, authorities finally found their modern day, book-baring Johnny Appleseed. The 62-year-old man behind the mystery used to make his living as an online book seller, but eventually fell on hard times and had to close down his business. Unfortunately he was left with a surplus of books numbering in the thousands. Unable to sell this remaining stock of novels, he decided the best course of action was to toss hundreds of the books out of the window on onto the side of the freeway everyday. He was eventually caught, fined $1,725, and must served 30 hours of community service. Authorities didn’t think the man realized what he was doing was a criminal act or detrimental to the environment since the books slowly began to swallow the town of Longmont, but they also didn’t read too much into his motives.

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