The Peculiar Press: The Michigan Chainsaw Massacre!

The Michigan Cheese Steak MassacreIn Michigan, one family come home to their worst nightmare, their safe and secure home had been broken into while they were out for the day. The family quickly imagined the worst, their house would be ransacked and anything that wasn’t bolted down would surely be stolen and it would take them years to recover from this crime. As they entered the house and began to take stock of their possessions they quickly realized that nothing of value was taken, the television was still in the living room, the jewelry still in the bedroom, and all the appliances still in the kitchen. From the look of it, the burglar entered the residence through an open window that they had forgot to close before they left, but nothing had been taken. It was only after a thorough search of the home that the family discovered something strange, only two things were stolen by the burglar at large, all their frozen meat and a chainsaw. Authorities are still on the hunt for the suspect.

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