The Peculiar Press: The King Is Alive!

The King Is Alive!In Orlando Florida, a woman went out to her garage to do some nightly laundry when she heard a strange hissing sound coming from her dryer. Panicked that she might have a gas leak, the woman got a flash light and investigated the machine from front to back until she came face to face with the source of the strange sound, a ten foot long king cobra. The snake, named Elvis, had been on the the loose for over a month causing a nearby elementary school to be on recess lockdown until he could be apprehended. Animal services were called to the scene and they had to remove the snake from his new den with special oversized tongs and transported by a padded cat carrying cage because he was too large for standard snake cages. Elvis was returned unharmed to his owners who lived a half mile away, where he is secretly planning his next prison escape.

2 Responses to The Peculiar Press: The King Is Alive!

  1. Heirmos

    Creepy, creepy.
    I like the story, Seems like something that you’d never really expect to happen..

    Coming face-to-face with a Cobra of Kings isn’t something that most people would really think would happen in a life time.

    Anyways, I’m rambling.
    Good, Short article. Hope to see more in the future!

  2. E

    Haha, cool! Snakes are pretty amazing. :) <3

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