The Four-Legged Arsonists!

The Four-Legged Arsonists MedIn Pennsylvania, local police were at a loss in their investigation of a small house fire set ablaze by an unknown arsonist at large. Fearing that this fire might be the first of many, detectives dove into their suspect pool, but quickly emerged empty handed and out of leads. That’s when they made a startling discovery, the arsonist and his newly revealed partner in crime were presumed to be a pair of cupcake craving canines that would stop at nothing to get their paws on some sweet treats. The dogs were home alone when a cooling cookie sheet of of baked goods on the stove proved to be too much temptation. Authorities believe that the dogs jumped up to reach the cupcakes, accidentally turning on one of the burners on the stove. Luckily, the tenant’s landlord was scheduled to stop by in the evening to take the pups out for a walk. As he arrived at the apartment, he saw the steadily growing fire and was able to get the dogs out to safety before calling for help. The fire damage was minimal and there were no reported injuries. No word on whether the dogs ever got their just desserts.

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