The Case Of The Mysterious Bus Station Headstone!

The Case Of The Mysterious Bus Station Headstone MedIn Nutley Pennsylvania, something strange appeared in the bus station of the small town and ignited the resident’s imaginations just in time for our favorite spooky season. A tombstone with the engraving ‘Max Ferreira, born June 16, 1990, died on Sept. 29, 1998’ was found by a city worker lying all alone in one of the terminals. After nobody returned to claim the ghastly lost and found item, all manner of strange stories began to travel through the town. Was it the work of grave robbers? Was it stolen by a disowned family member or a mournful loved one? Was it brought to the bus station by the deceased Max Ferreira himself? Detectives were eventually called in to get to the bottom of this grave mystery and were unable to find any information after searching the local death records, it was only when then expanded the search to included animals that they got their first real clue. They received the news from a local pet hospital that record existed confirming that a Rottweiler with the same name, date of birth, and date of death existed and was owned by a man named Agostino Ferreira. Detectives took their newly acquired information and discovered the the dogs owner had also died in 2005, but that’s where the trail ran cold. Nobody knows where Max Ferreira is buried, why is headstone appeared in the bus stop eighteen years after his death, or who left it there.

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