The Peculiar Press: Tears Of A Clown!

Tears Of A Clown!In North Carolina, a scenario straight out of our collective nightmares played out in real life when a 28-year-old man finally turned himself into police after dressing up in a clown mask and wig and paying a visit to an estranged acquaintance. Oh, and did I forget to mention that he also happened to be carrying an axe at the time to make the clown getup even more frightening. The traumatized victim says the man knocked on her door early one morning and immediately started swinging the axe when she answered. She not only escaped injury, but also managed to lift part of the mask in the struggle and recognized the clown-faced stalker before he ran off. Police are still unsure whether the man had malicious motives or if he was just clowning around. Wait, is that somebody knocking on your door right now?

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