The Peculiar Press: Pardon Me, But Is This Your Finger?

Pardon Me, But Is This Your Finger?A New Jersey woman, while on a relaxing stroll along the seashore, came upon a strange object lying on the boardwalk. Upon closer examination, she quickly realized that she was staring down at a decomposed finger with an acrylic, french-manicured nail on the tip. Police were called to the scene and quickly sent the finger off to the Medical Examiner’s office. While awaiting the results, Police began to scour the missing persons database in search of possible leads, thinking that it might have been dropped there by a bird who had picked it up in the surrounding area. Mystery already surrounded the case of the severed finger, but things only got weirder when a forensic anthropologist studied the decomposed object and determined that it was neither human nor animal, but instead was made of an unidentified substance. What do you think it is?

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