The Peculiar Press: Look To The Skies!

Look To The SkiesIn California, a Modesto family was shaken from their morning routine when huge, solid chunk of ice about the size of a basketball fell from the heavens and tore through their roof. The family said the the collision sounded like a bomb going off as the ice rocketed through the ceiling of their attached two-car garage and into the concrete floor. A local meteorologist from the Sacramento office of the National Weather Service was called to the scene and determined that because of the heat wave, which had been topping at around 104 degrees, and the perfectly clear skies, he didn’t have a meteorological explanation for the origin of the ice ball. One theory could be that the ice was the expelled contents of a toilet from a passing airplane, but the ice ball was clear instead of blue like the tinted antibacterial water used in airplane toilets. Luckily nobody was hurt in the bizarre incident and detectives are still trying to track down any clues as to the where the ice came from.

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