The Peculiar Press: Let Sleeping Corpses Lie!

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie!In New York, police ticketed and eventually towed an illegally parked minivan sitting suspiciously outside a local funeral home, unaware that there was a body inside. The owner of the funeral home noticed that the van was missing the following afternoon and spent the day feverishly trying to track it down. Eventually he found the missing van at the local impound yard and had to explain to police that there was a body inside awaiting its flight home for a funeral. The mortuary placard on the van must have tipped over during the night and police believed the vehicle to be just another illegally park offender. After getting the van back, the funeral owner rushed the body to the airport just in time for its flight home. The impound yard waived the towing and storage fees, but the cost of the parking ticket still stands.

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