The Peculiar Press: Leave No Good Rib Behind!

Leave No Good Rib Behind!In Fresno CA, A barbecue enthusiast proved that his love of tender meat trumps all others when he risked his life to rescued a single rack of baby back ribs from a raging inferno. It all started in the middle of the night with an insatiable craving for bbq and ended in a fiery blaze that lit up an entire neighborhood. The baby back aficionado didn’t take any shortcuts when the serious need for a midnight snack reared its hungry head and a simple sandwich or reheating of leftovers just wasn’t going to do. So, he hopped out of bed, fired up his grill, and set about cooking up the perfect batch of ribs to quell his hunger. Unfortunately, the barbecue got a little out of hand and quickly grew into a five-alarm fire. The man was able to get his family out of the house to safety, but he just couldn’t live with himself if he let all his hard work go to waste. Without hesitating, he dashed back into the house to save his precious rack of ribs, and proudly held them up for local reporters when he emerged from the fire unharmed.

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