The Peculiar Press: Huck Finn Is Not Amused!

Huck Finn Is Not Amused!In Iowa, A 64-year-old woman was stranded on a small inflatable raft for five days with nothing more than a bottle of water and two cans of Mountain Dew to sustain her life. It all started during a routine fishing trip along the raging waters of the Wapsipinicon river when her raft got hung-up on a submerged pile of tangled brush hiding just below the water’s surface.  Unable to escape to the flooded river bank and pinned between a logjam and a 12-foot rock wall, the woman waiting for rescue as dehydration set in.  She could hear nearby traffic and people talking as they passed by, but nobody heard her hoarse cries for help.  Five days passed before a fisherman spotted her— she just happened to be caught up at his favorite fishing hole.

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