The Peculiar Press: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!

In New York, authorities have finally caught a break in a mysterious and fatal shooting case that has baffled them for months. Through a key witness’s description they have tracked down the suspected shooter, but before they can throw the book at him, they have to solve one final mystery. The witness describe the shooter with perfect clarity, unfortunately the suspect is one of two identical twin brothers and neither of them is willing to rat the other out. To further the confusion, both brothers were taken into custody and questioned, but responded with the same answers. The twins even appeared in court wearing identical clothing and matching goatees. Unable to prove which brother was the actual shooter, without a shadow of a doubt, both were tested for gun powder residue on their hands. The test came back positive for both brothers, even though there was only a single shooter at the scene. A court date is pending and witness questioning still continues in this strange case.

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