The Encyclopedia Diabolica: The Cashew

Did you know that raw unshelled cashews are poisonous and must be processed before than can be safely consumed?

6 Responses to The Encyclopedia Diabolica: The Cashew

  1. kau

    yeah I knew! I luv eat cashew of the tree! I remember of the time of cashew in one beach close of here, a lot of cashew tree and I stealing with some friends in bags and ran kkkkkk Cashew nuts, roasted and salted is delight with beer! =)

  2. MindlessZombie

    I should test this out on my enemies >: )

  3. Hedo

    I knew there was a reason I hated those things! 😛

  4. Natalee

    Sucks for the guy who discovered cashews.

  5. keytarwars

    Of course…My fav nut WOULD be poisonous….

  6. strangelilgirl

    can you buy unshelled cashews? =)

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