The Encyclopedia Diabolica: Sharks

Did you know that most sharks can can detect a drop of blood in the water from 2.5 miles away and can grow a new set of teeth in a week?

7 Responses to The Encyclopedia Diabolica: Sharks

  1. BekkyS.

    That’s interesting, but scary

  2. RachelA.

    Hmm. Sharks are definitely more interesting than a lot of other animals out there.

  3. Probably the most interesting thing I’ll hear/read for about a week…

  4. mandieville666

    Which ones can’t?

  5. Rosalinda Martin

    I’m glad i didn’t know that earlier in the year when I went to the beach and got all cut up by these jagged rocks…I bled EVERYWHERE…but I enjoyed it immensely. I wonder how many sharks I was driving crazy?

  6. Harmony

    The also don’t have bones. It’s all cartilage. I wish I was just cartilage- never would have to deal with a cast.

  7. Rina:)

    all in all, sharks are just awesome <3

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