The Encyclopedia Diabolica: Dueling

Did you know that in Paraguay it is legal to participate in a duel as long as both parties are registered blood donors?

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  1. MindlessZombie

    I want to know why donating blood gives you the right to dule people? Do you have any idea why?

  2. I wrote on twitter while back!

  3. Natalee

    So as long as the Paraguay government (or whatever you want to call it) gets their blood, it’s okay for the people to try to kill each other in a duel?? That’s actually kind of screwed up but whatever.. it’s their culture.. haha

  4. kau

    well,this is really weird, how the conection?
    I just think about…after you donor blood, you can fight?
    so if yu lost many blood on it…yu can be save? kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    if you need blood at hospital… very crazy it…

  5. eepshyes

    That’s it, I’m moving to Paraguay.

  6. Mandy Mystery

    In Maryland, it’s apparently illegal for a woman over 250 pounds to wear shorts whilst horseback riding.
    I would like to have been witness to the case that particular gem spawned from. ;D

  7. Mandieville666

    but i can’t donate……………… i’m so sad now.

  8. Grim D. Mise

    This reminds me of a good epitaph I once read:

    “Here lays Butch.
    We planted him raw.
    He was quick on the trigger
    But slow on the draw.”

  9. Blackcat

    I know where I’m moving now.

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