The Encyclopedia Diabolica: Dice

Did you know that in English gambling dens during the eighteenth century there was always an employee whose sole job was to swallow the dice in the event of a police raid?

9 Responses to The Encyclopedia Diabolica: Dice

  1. Lillian T.

    well that can’t be very healthy…

  2. kau

    Just remember something fun aahuhauhauhaUHAUHA that absurd =O

  3. eepshyes

    I wonder how they chose people for that.

    Here, swallow these dice and you got the job.

  4. BekkyS.

    ow, i bet that hurts. if i had that job i’d expect a LOT of payment

  5. Alice

    Owww… reading this made my throat hurt. ):

    Wow…. that’s just…… wow…

  6. Moth

    I guess thats the origin of Craps?

  7. mandieville666

    @moth oh that’s just wrong…….

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