The Encyclopedia Diabolica: Coffee

Did you know that in Turkey during the 16th and 17th centuries anyone caught drinking coffee was put to death?

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  1. Well, I’d be dead. I’d either be executed with a cup in my hand or die from caffeine withdrawals!

  2. kau

    oh my why? =O coffee is a blessed drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. BeckyW

    If I lived in Turkey during the 16th and 17th centuries, then I’d probably be dead by now.

  4. good thing I don’t drink coffee!

  5. BekkyS.

    heh heh heh i bet you’d never surrvive it then Curtis. but i guess back then they wanted it to be illegal to be bouncing off the walls due to too much caffine

  6. wtf? I’d be screwed

  7. Well, they’d probably kill me anyway!

  8. I would’ve been dead.

  9. I was going to say if you lived in the 16th century turkey you’d be dead.

    However, you would literally be dead since person can possibly live that long anyways. You probably would have died from natural disasaters.

    But man….that sucks!

  10. Alice

    The FEINDS!!! D:

    Well, I’d be dead. Probably death by explosion, because I drink a shitload of coffee…

    What I wanna know is: WHY were they sentenced to death?

  11. Mandieville666

    wow i’d die. and so would curtis. kewl. i wonder why it was illegal.

  12. Migratory Zombie

    You, my good sir, would no have survived long.

  13. Migratory Zombie


    stupid typos…

  14. Lauren

    Well, I wouldn’t have lasted long since 1 I make coffee for a living. and 2 I drink a hell of a lot of coffee. I’m even drinking some now.

  15. Murder Freak

    Oh, I’d be dead. I love coffee!

  16. Rina:)

    O.O Good thing i don’t live in 16th century turkey, then.

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