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Welcome To The Rebirth Of Villains & Vaudevillians!

Hello Boils And Ghouls, Welcome to the rebirth of my official website for all things weird ‘Villains & Vaudevillians’. This project fell to the wayside for a spell while I was knee deep and digging myself out of the depth of a few other ghastly project. I will try my

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New Creature Single ‘American Gothic’ Out 8/18/15!

Hey fiends, Check back Friday the 28th at 4:00 pm (pst) for the premier of the new Creature Feature single ‘American Gothic’, the title track from our upcoming new album. Stay weird, ~Curtis Rx

Writing Tips To Die For: #124

The best way to test the sharpness of a pencil is with an eyeball.

Notes From The Lab: #77

Upon further inspection of the crude hole I discovered in the east wall, I have deduced that it couldn’t have been created by an escapee chewing it’s way out of the lab, but instead made by something unknown chewing it’s way into the lab. The creature’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Brand New Creature Feature ‘Wretched Raving Raven’ T-Shirt!

Hey fiends, With Halloween right around the corner, Creature Feature is quickly gearing up for the spooky season again. We’re proud to announce our brand new ‘Wretched Raving Raven’ t-shirt. Poe taught us to never trust a raven, especially if it’s perched upon a skull. The shirt is single sided

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Writing Tips To Die For: #13

The secret to getting words out of your head and onto the page is coffee and trepanning.

Writing Tips To Die For: #24

Always threaten to kill off a character if they don’t bend to your will.

Notes From The Lab: #143

Refrigeration system failed during the windstorm, unfortunately all the blood has gone sour. Must acquire more donors.

Rufus Rex: Rise Lazarus Rise

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There’s a carrion curse forever haunting our souls
Until the very day we’re lowered in a hole
At Stygian shores we are doomed to run aground

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Rufus Rex: Personal Demons

Posted in Dead Beat by villain


Psychosis must be setting in
Clouding my perception
Social Interaction

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