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The Peculiar Press: One Lump Or Two?

In Berlin, a new breed of criminal was born after a man successfully robbed a video arcade using only a hot cup of coffee as his weapon. The man casually walked into the arcade, order the coffee, then threatened to hit the female employee over the head with it unless

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The Peculiar Press: Nothing Stops This Guy From Getting His Coffee!

In Michigan, a 52-year-old man with a 5-inch steak knife sticking out of his chest, walked into a Detroit diner and ordered a cup of coffee while he casually waited for the ambulance he called earlier to pick him up. He was attacked and stabbed a mile from the diner

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Now That’s What I Call A Coffee Maker!

Hello fiends, Listen up Starbucks, this is what a coffee machine should look like. This Saeco Etienne Louis espresso machine is a gene-spliced abomination that looks like a cross between a futuristic sea mine and a classic sci-fi film. Now, if they were to set it up so it could

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