Surreal Estate: What Is The Great Blue Hole?

Weird History: What Is The Great Blue Hole?

What Is The Great Blue Hole?

Well, The Great Blue Hole is exactly what you’d think it is. It’s a great big blue hole off the coast of Belize in the country of Central America. You know, those other Americas below us, the ones with less Starbucks. That’s the two-cent definition, but let’s dig deeper—literally.

The Great Blue Hole is one of nature’s most beautiful accidents. It is really just a huge underwater sinkhole, but just like any of Mother Nature’s anomalies, it’s breathtaking. The sinkhole is almost perfectly circular in shape and runs just shy of one thousand feet across, and over four hundred feet in depth. Once just your everyday average twisted system of limestone caverns, it was formed during the last glacial period when the sea levels drastically began to lower and form into glaciers—get it, “glacial period”? Now it all makes sense. Mix a constant barrage of fresh water with the limestone surface of the seabed becoming exposed to the elements and after awhile you get—caverns. Fast forward some time later, the oceans begin to rise and gravity begins to take its toll, causing the roof to collapse, flooding the hollow system of caverns. This drastic change in depth is what give The Great Blue Hole its memorizing two-tone color effect, the dark blue of the deep water surrounded by the turquoise of the shallow water—like the earth sprouted a pupil to keep a watchful eye on the human race.

Nowadays, the Great Blue Hole is a popular tourist spot for scuba diving, but I have a different theory on what it really is.

Is The Great Blue Hole Home To A Monster?

Through years of tireless research and run-ins with Central American authorities, I have reason to believe that The Great Blue Hole is home to a great otherworldly monster, that slumbers quietly in the depths of the sinkhole, like it has for tens of thousands of years, before digital television, before the Brothers of Jonas, before mankind. There, in the deep, still waters of the Caribbean, the beast awaits the day when the sandman releases it from the clutches of lethargy and it can once again rises to wreak havoc on the world.

Cloverfield ain’t got nothing on the Great Blue Hole.

~Curtis Rx

27 Responses to Surreal Estate: What Is The Great Blue Hole?

  1. Emma

    I’ll bet you my skeleton that there’s a Megaladon down there.

  2. It’d be a good spot to base a horror movie on. That’d be sweet to find a living Megaladon.

  3. Monica

    I’m actually thinking something along the lines of the Kraken. But maybe that’s just me…

  4. Lillian T.

    now I have another reason to fear the deep blue sea…a giant hole, a megaladon and a kraken.

  5. Casey Dethrow

    i think none of those are down there i think it is something we have never seen nor heard of… because if it were the Megaladon or Kraken we would be able to kill them if we tried hard enough (in my opinion)

  6. Migratory Zombie

    The Brothers of Jonas? Oh, wow. X]
    Can we sic this hidden beast on them? Pleeeeease?

  7. Mandieville666

    i can’t even get away from the brothers jonas with curtis rx from creature feature. what is this world coming to??? i think it’s the real area 51. the desert one is such a good cover.

  8. deg3666

    Could Lovecraft have gotten the location of R’lyeh wrong?

  9. Alice Agony

    it could pssibly be aliens…like a crop circle but on a more international scale!!!

  10. epicwun

    Before the brothers of jonas??? This is impossible, no one has seen more life then the chosen 3!!!!

    This hole must really have some power!

  11. CraigAtrocious

    hey curtis, i have been doing some research on this and i found out that in the early 60’s a group of diver’s claimed to have seen what they believed to be a sea serpent. About 20ft long with red eyes. From further reading I learnt that in the past 10 years of tourism in the great blue hole, no one has ever seen such a monster, however several divers have somehow lost their lives in the hole. Maybe this monster wakes up every so often or something. Whatever the truth is i do fully agree with you that there is something down there.

  12. Psycho Ghoul

    The Brothers of Jonas? I wish they would jump in that giant hole with concrete blocks on their feet.
    I do believe there is something down there, though. Something we have never expiranced. I don’t believe it would be a monster though. I think if we explore it, some hidden power will be discovered. Something that could wipe out all civialation. Something, that instead of destroying people, it would be something that could start a war, that will make everyone fight to the end.
    But what do I know? All I have is constant nightmares and a strange imagination.

  13. BekkyS.

    hmmm i think all the opinions i’ve seen are really reasonable. i hope it’s a kraken though. krakens are cool, and they help you kill those dumb pirates in Sly3, well one did anyway.but it could be some new kind of legendary beast. i also remember learning a little about the Great Blue Hole in my geography class when we went over some of Belize.i wish i had read this when we went over it, though this was even posted at the time.Curtis you have the mind of a genious and this year in school if any of the mean people in my grade decide to make fun of you or anything Creature Feature because the WILL know i’m obbsessed, i am going to kick their butts BIG TIME!!!

  14. Mistress Mortifeara

    I believe I agree with Deg3666.
    /In his house at R’yleh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming./
    Of course…It could simply be a rift down there, which would explain why the sitings are so random- why certain divers dissapear and others die strange deaths. Lovecraft said that there are certain things we are simply not ment to know, that the knowing drives us mad. Imagine for a moment, that you’re hidden deep beneath the waves in that dark, dark place- and you have just discovered a dark, horrifying secret. You know if you return to the surface, you will be forced to live with this for the rest of your life- and as you float there pondering… A beasty comes and snaps you up right in his jaws! Or you think you see something, you panic- you run out of air, you resolve not to live with it. Or maybe…Just maybe… An eel brushes your ankle and in the process of flailing like a girl you wack your head on a nearby cavern wall.
    Who knows, hmmmm?
    Whatever little beasty seems to have taken up refuge in The Great Blue Hole, I hope it reveals itself soon.

  15. Jesse

    I heard that the Megladon & the Kraken bumped uglies, & out-popped a new, strange sea monster named, Megakrackledegon, or Meg, for short, but one day, a murder named Voldemort swam to his happy humble home, & killed his parents, but left him, only to leave a N-shaped scar on his forehead.. Wait, that’s Harry Potter… Damn it!

  16. wow i can just imagine the end of the world when the blue hole creature reveals itself

  17. Saliem

    it seems the great blue hole is where Lord Beelzebub sealed Lord Leviathan

  18. its where Mario keeps his gold coins

  19. death ninja

    I think a few more fun theories would be either that the lue hole is the location of atlantis or one of the entrances to tatarus the deepest part of hades. all relogions have diffrent hevans and monsters but they all share the same underwold; Hades. now over the course of time we cant keep getting it wrong can we?

  20. sarah boccanach

    ok…so the loch ness monster must be down there now. i always wondered where it went while people probed the loch.

  21. Tay

    i know this hole!! at my course we had to do a profile thingy on a random country and i was given belize, im so drawing a picture of a sea monster on my poster now ^_^

  22. its got Leviathan in there. just wait come 12/21/12 its gonna get bored and conquer the oceans.

  23. Itan Neverender

    Kraken or not—>Belize is beautiful!! come visit, ppl!

  24. I think that the person above me the “Neverender” is The Monster himself!!! It has access to the Internet also!!! Just like the ninja turtles had hush hush pizza deliveries to them…… I’m Just Saying.

  25. Danny

    To you Lovecraft readers. One word. Dagon.

  26. Al the Strange

    I bet it’s Cthulu.

  27. JL Evans

    I’ve been to the great Blue Hole snorkling. As beautiful as it was, it is also terrifying.. I don’t know if there are any of the creatures you speak of down there, however there are a few Sharks that like to hang out. It was scary not being able to touch the bottom anywhere as you don’t want to touch the reef surrounding the Great Blue Hole. I will say it was an experience of a lifetime & have many found memories of that trip. If you get a chance to explore it, I highly suggest it.

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