If A Tree Falls In The Forest, Can You Still Hear The Screams?

Hello Fiends,

Here is another excerpt from a little book of death poems I am writing called ‘101 Ways To Die, Accidents, Murders, And Other Techniques To Lose A Life’. I wrote this after I overheard one of my neighbors complaining about a tree that was hanging over into his yard and dropping leaves on his lawn. Enjoy!

If A Tree Falls In A Forest, Can You Still Hear The Screams?

The seasons are a changing
Shedding dead autumn leaves
They tumble through the air
On a mission to flee

You rake and you rake
But they just reappear
That damn neighbor’s tree
You tell him each year

Please cut it down
Or at least trim it back
But he blows you off
Then proceeds to laugh

As the wind picks up
It cuts through the air
Disturbs the silence
Then ruffles your hair

A toss of the rake
To let off some steam
First a snap, then a crack
Then a splitting of seams

A weight from above
Something has broken free
Crumpling your body
With a swift falling tree

21 Responses to If A Tree Falls In The Forest, Can You Still Hear The Screams?

  1. wow. I love your poem.
    I write poetry as well.

  2. kau

    cool!!! I think about it… cos today, funny, cut one tree
    that my mom always told: this s43@$¨5 will fall in our heads.
    more fun was… they cut the tree of the front of my house
    and the guy with a chainsaw, very crazy this guy in the tree
    ahahha cut one piece, the piece fell in the cables, lack energy on all street
    everybody run with fear and my brother telling:
    the man reborn again kkkkkkkkkkkkkk stupid stupid
    with a fuck chainsaw close of the cables!!! uff….

    maybe anyone can listen the screams or who knows? just boo
    pretty words on the top.

  3. Skelterfield

    Hehe. Usually, I don’t comment on your poems and stuff, but this one I actually really liked. xD Keep it up!

  4. susy

    lol. this made me giggle a bit.
    i can picture it happening, cartoon status though :)
    love it lol.

  5. StrangeLilGirl

    lol, I love your poems
    they’re simply amazing :)

  6. BekkyS.

    That was magnificent! Now if I hear anyone complaining about an overhanging tree in their yard, I’ll recite this poem to them. Made my day. :)

  7. Harmony

    that would suck.

  8. lilith

    i love it!!! that damn neighbor!!!

  9. Rare

    OH SH-*crush*
    yes indeed

  10. Gabster

    He was just doing what the neighbor asked him to do, who just happened to be in the way! Damn suburbanites… good job these always make me giggle :)

  11. Robin

    Awesome poem. I love the ending. I want to get back to writing.

  12. Jamie Horror

    Excellent! I adored this one. Can’t wait for you to post some more. (:

  13. Michelle

    I like this. Have you ever thought of replacing bones with paper towel rolls? But before doing that you put some sort of flesh eating virus on the roll. That way they can’t use their limb, are horrible mutated and are dying from the inside out. … uh… sorry. Please go on making more poems! I really like your work.

  14. Jack

    with chilled wonder
    i am thrilled asunder

  15. Jess

    It didn’t take much to take down the tree.
    I guess it was just out to get him.

    Great job! Can’t wait to read the next one! xXx

  16. Strabius

    I love this one. Then again I adore all your poetry, your very talented Mr. Rx. ^^
    Keep up the great work, your fans here will support you all the way.

  17. I like the simple use of words and the ending. I also love parodies, the title reminds me of a philosophical question my professor asked the class years ago.

  18. mandieville666

    was he raking in a hurricane?????

  19. Hehe that was adorable! I loved it. *goes to read more of the poems*

  20. snowfallen13

    oh the irony, It’s hard not to giggle at the tale.
    keep up the good work ||^_

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