A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, Or Is It?

Hello Fiends,

Here is another excerpt from a little book of death poems I am writing called ‘101 Ways To Die, Accidents, Murders, And Other Techniques To Lose A Life’. I wrote this after I went on an all day hike in the woods and almost got killed by a pacific rattlesnake. Enjoy!

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, Or Is It?

Fifty miles
Deep within the woods
A backpacking adventure
Sounded pretty good

Fresh mountain stream
Crisp mountain air
Not a cloud in the sky
Nor a single care

The bustling city
Its blanket of smog
Just a memory now
As your lungs unclog

Stepping over a rock
You hear a hiss
Rustling in the bushes
Then a deadly kiss

Fangs dig deep
Poison enters your veins
A second strike
Results in the same

Too far from help
They’ll find you soon after
The unfortunate hiker
Bitten by a rattler

Thanks for reading,
~Curtis Rx

PS. If you would like to read the other sinister poems I have posted from ‘101’ Ways To Die’, please click HERE.

17 Responses to A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, Or Is It?

  1. AprilCurse

    that’s somewhat similuar to how i write poems too lol i like them, this one’s cool. i’m sure all the poems in the book will be good 😀

  2. Your life is just one big adventure, isn’t it?

    Either way, lovely poem; I’m digging the style a lot. Keep up the great work!

  3. kau

    well I luv it… cos with sure adventures and surprises…
    but yu can suck and spit it out. ahahahha xoxoxo =)

  4. Lillian T.

    I like this poem…and it’s not just because it has to do with snakes bitting. ^_^

  5. Megan-

    I love this! It’s my favourite one yet!

  6. Saliem

    wow this one is great cant wait for the book

  7. mandieville666

    glad you managed to miss that close one. otherwise i would have an author to miss..
    very entertaining.

  8. strangelilgirl

    =0 bad snakie!
    snakes are cute :3
    anyway, thats a lovely poem. cant wait for the book =)

  9. NicoleGoesRAWR

    i. LOVE. this. poem.
    when’s the book coming out? i’m definitely gonna buy it.

  10. 6

    I like it. Very….damn I can’t think of the right word, But It’s good. Whenever that book comes out, I’m gonna get it. 😀

  11. Dillon

    whats the status on the book i want it

  12. This is just…I cant even discribe it!
    I just…I JUST LOVE IT,A LOT!
    Keep up the great work! I love your poems! ♥ ^^

  13. EmoX

    J is for Johnny who was bitten by snakes!

  14. Julie

    Very beautiful, horrendesly calm

  15. Zorg

    Quite a delight to read!

  16. Angela

    If that snake did kill you, we would all go out in the world and kill every single snake we found.
    No remorse.
    Maybe that was a little too heavy…

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