A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, Or Is It?

Hello Fiends,

Here is another excerpt from a little book of death poems I am writing called ‘101 Ways To Die, Accidents, Murders, And Other Techniques To Lose A Life’. I wrote this after I went on an all day hike in the woods and almost got killed by a pacific rattlesnake. Enjoy!

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, Or Is It?

Fifty miles
Deep within the woods
A backpacking adventure
Sounded pretty good

Fresh mountain stream
Crisp mountain air
Not a cloud in the sky
Nor a single care

The bustling city
Its blanket of smog
Just a memory now
As your lungs unclog

Stepping over a rock
You hear a hiss
Rustling in the bushes
Then a deadly kiss

Fangs dig deep
Poison enters your veins
A second strike
Results in the same

Too far from help
They’ll find you soon after
The unfortunate hiker
Bitten by a rattler

Thanks for reading,
~Curtis Rx

PS. If you would like to read the other sinister poems I have posted from ‘101’ Ways To Die’, please click HERE.

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