Tonight I Shall Slumber In The Belly Of The Beast!

Hello fiends,

Take a look at how amazing this sleeping bag is!

This twisted creation crawled out of the brilliantly fractured brain of an Amsterdam based designer named Eiko Ishizawa and is definitely a delectably disturbing sight to see.

Tonight I Shall Slumber In The Belly Of The Beast!Tonight I Shall Slumber In The Belly Of The Beast!Tonight I Shall Slumber In The Belly Of The Beast!Tonight I Shall Slumber In The Belly Of The Beast!

I promise to grant perpetual youth to anybody who drops one of these off at my doorstep, but please mind the trapdoor, that’s saved for bothersome solicitors, cookie peddlers, and the occasional census taker. Also, please refrain from pressing the doorbell, that releases the overhead vat of boiling oil and I’m saving that for a special occasion.

Hope all is well,
~Curtis Rx

17 Responses to Tonight I Shall Slumber In The Belly Of The Beast!

  1. MindlessZombie

    I just got a mental image of someone running around in that at a local park. Then slamming into a tree, realizing they can’t see x33

  2. I wonder if that’d mess up a real bear.

  3. MorgieMischeif

    completely epic! i could scare small children with that!

  4. kau

    great idea!!!!!!!!!!! maybe have others versions… lion, tiger, leopard uhuuuuuuuuuu black panther my favorite! =) aff I ll never touch your doorbell ahahhhahah… but boiling oil is very atractive.

  5. Lilith

    That… is pure genius. Show up at a children’s slumber party like that, maybe?

  6. BekkyS.

    It looks snuggly 😀 I want one in Lion version! Oh and just an idea for bothersome burglars, hide bear traps in shrubs under all your windows. And if they try to steal your awesome car, put a vicious puma in the backseat, they won’t get far…

  7. Lillian T.

    lol…that is wickedly awesome.
    Oh keep it away from me, I’d be scaring my neighbors to death. XD

  8. Wait, so you’re saying you DON’T like cookies?!

  9. JohnC

    “and the occasional census taker.”
    I couldn’t help but think of Hannibal Lecter when I read that, of course, for those not familiar with the good Doctor, I’ve taken the liberty of including the quote for their benefit
    “A census taker once tried to test me, I ate his liver, with some fava beans, and a nice chianti.”
    I love that line :)

  10. You’re going to get six of these, and I’m going to laugh.

    Bear sleeping bag army, HOO-AH.

  11. strangelilgirl

    wow, thats awesome! im from the netherlands btw =)

  12. mandieville666

    ummmm nah i don’t camp much.

  13. AprilCurse

    the girl is pretty in the picture…

    but trap doors? is that the best you can do? how bout heated metal spikes? or my favorite: capture them if they’re hot then make them your slave… 😉 i could get you a guide to faking one’s death and how to make those heated metal spikes lol

  14. anonymous

    …Can I knock?
    I mean I wouldn’t want to just leave it on the step, someone might take it.
    Perhaps we could work something out, like a secret message taped to your door.
    When you find that, check your neighbors’ bushes.

  15. Ashlee

    i was creeped out when i first saw this but….i would totally get one if it came in panda bear 😀
    i would run around in my house scaring my lil brothers and go to school and scare my fellow class mates 😀

  16. Gabster

    I want this sooo bad, any idea where I could get it?

  17. TheMonsterFromBeyond


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