Tired Of Your Boring, Generic Pillows?

Hey fiends,

Check out these two strange and fantastic pillows. The first was created by an artist named Keetra Dean Dixon and was created to look like a puddle of blood after a headshot.

Blood Puddle Pillow

Blood Puddle Pillow 2

The second pillow was created by a company called Kropserkel to look like a severed horse head.

Horse Head Pillow

Please buy me one of each, thank you!

Hope all is well,
~Curtis Rx

20 Responses to Tired Of Your Boring, Generic Pillows?

  1. BekkyS.

    THAT is the RIGHT way to sleep.

  2. Shay the Rotten Tart

    I would get them for you, but how would I give them to you?!
    Would I have to wait outside of costco for you, wishfully thinking, “Today is the day he will come to buy a hot dog!”

    You know what I want? “The Bat’s Tree” and the “Zombie Fun Pack” wall vinyles from Pillboxdesigns on Etsy. You should check out their vinyle, purddy amazing.

  3. Lillian T.

    wow… Curtis Rx you could keep the Horse Head Pillow, I just want the Puddle of Blood Pillow!

  4. nightmarebeforeme

    i want the blood pillow the most!!

  5. Ashlee


  6. the pool of blood one is awesome. im off to buy two =)

  7. kau

    I want one toooooooooo ahuahuHUAH amazing xD

  8. Not liking the severed horse head haha but I want one of those puddle of blood pillows hahaha

  9. Jesse

    Cool horse head pillow the head shot are good to I may need to get me one or two

  10. Foxx

    The horse head would be perfect to slip into the bed of any “Godfather” fans out there.

  11. 6

    I totally want the puddle of blood

  12. mandieville666

    can i can i can i has?

  13. I like the Horse Head Pillow. It reminds me of my favorite scene from the Godfather, when the guy wakes up with a severed horse head in bed next to him. :)

  14. AprilCurse

    i would so buy one

  15. I’m saving my monies for other things, but I will most certainly make those!

  16. Angela

    Oh, all of the pranks that are flying through my head right now with that blood pillow…

  17. Zoe Star Bryan

    I would be that one awful friend and slip the Horse Head into my friend’s bed during the night (She once had a nightmare that she woke up exactly to that)

  18. Destroy-Humanity

    They both look good, but I think I will stick to sleeping on a pile of human skulls, thank you.

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