Now That’s What I Call A Coffee Maker!

Hello fiends,

Listen up Starbucks, this is what a coffee machine should look like. This Saeco Etienne Louis espresso machine is a gene-spliced abomination that looks like a cross between a futuristic sea mine and a classic sci-fi film. Now, if they were to set it up so it could detonate when somebody takes a cup without permission, well then it would be perfect. Who knows how much this thing costs, but just like a mine, it just might cost you an arm and a leg.

Now That's What I Call A Coffee Maker!Now That's What I Call A Coffee Maker!Now That's What I Call A Coffee Maker!

~Curtis Rx

10 Responses to Now That’s What I Call A Coffee Maker!

  1. Elena_Taquitoface

    Might be a little weird to use at first, but once the compliments start, doe it really matter?

  2. kau

    awesome, ahahha but really designer are crazy…
    I think was a great idea with your kitchen seems
    like a laboratory uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu =)

  3. Lillian T.

    I think my mom and uncle would kill to have that coffee machine.

  4. Teddi

    If I bought that one….and then found a cooler or more advanced one later on down the road…I believe it would be entertaining to chuck that one at someone…

  5. Emery

    Haha! I WANT IT!!! Christmas present? =P

  6. i think it would explode if i tried to use it… i think i’ll stick to the simple coffee makers…

  7. Dwicked

    Lawls If I had that thing I’d feel like a mad scientist

  8. mandieville666

    it looks like it’s going to take off any moment and land on mars. good thing i love coffee it’d be put to too much use to leave.

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