Notes From The Lab: #51

Test subject #9—perished. Observation: Nutmeg is extremely poisonous when injected intravenously.

5 Responses to Notes From The Lab: #51

  1. strangelilgirl

    really? im gonna try that on my teacher >:)

  2. Lillian T.

    so whatever happened to Test Subjects 1 through 8?

  3. Livingdeadgirl

    I’d like to know too. But what made you use nutmeg.

  4. mandieville666

    It’s not as bad as cinnamon god that makes a mess.
    what were you testing for is what i wanna know?

  5. Harmony

    Bet you can’t eat a spoonful cinnamon! I swear to god, if you film yourself and erik trying to eat a spoonful of cinnamon I’ll send you bacon in chocolate and that one pic I tried to send to you but didn’t use enough stamps… (haha, my b.) And they do have bacon is chocolate, I saw it at the world market, it was awesome.

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