About My Music

Hello boils and ghouls,

As you most of you fiends know by now, I am first and foremost a musician and decomposer whose songs always seem to stray from the path and wander into the dark and dangerous places, but let’s be honest, that’s really where all the fun and exciting things happen. Most people consider fiction writing and song writing to be two entirely different things, but I’ve always stuck to the rule that every song should begin with a story and it just so happens that all of mine are horror. If you haven’t heard any of music yet, consider this to be your primer in all things ghastly.

I specialize in the macabre, the hidden, the whimsical, the concealed, the nightmarish, the unseen, the morbid, the unexplainable, the ghoulish, and the unfathomable. I spent my childhood dreaming of evil carnivals, flying specters, shambling corpses, dancing skeletons, radioactive overgrown insects, talking pumpkins, alien invasions, haunted houses, body snatching, premature burials, doppelgangers, sea beasts, evil magicians, abominable snowmen, menacing robots, despicable phantoms, moldering mummies, thirsty vampires, wandering werewolves, and kidnappings most foul.

If you like any or all of the things above, then I promise you’ll dig my music like a grave.

Creature Feature is a mad monster party of frantic rock guitar, haunted mansion organ, bone-chilling synth, electronic heart-pounding bass, creature voices from the beyond, and manic vocals. Mix them all together in a poisonous cocktail and you have Creature Feature, a Saturday morning spook-show belting out creepy music to awaken the monster in all of us.

Rufus Rex is a guitar heavy rock concept album project with one foot in the grave and another firmly planting into the gibbering world of H.P. Lovecraft featuring songs about madness and reanimation, body parts with a mind of their own and creatures that lurk in the worlds inbetween, corpses running amok and immortality, personal demons and ingenious forms of torture.


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