About Curtis Rx

Curtis Rx is a composer and writer from Lost Angeles, California who spent most of his early childhood locked away in a tiny steel box in a dark basement with nothing more than his twisted thoughts and a single black crayon to keep him company. On one of the rare occasions he was allowed out of his cage, he was taken to Woolworth’s department store where, in the hustle and bustle of an after Christmas sale, he slipped from his mother’s embrace and tumbled head first onto the tile floor below. Luckily the burlap sack he was wearing over his head cushioned the brunt of the fall, slowed the bleeding, and collected the expelled brain matter, but from that fateful day forth, he possessed a strange and unearthly talent for composing music not of this world. From a fractured mind emerged fractured music. Every dark corner he passed now seemed to whisper a melody, every veil of fog murmured a harmony, every scuttering insects chattered a song, every flicker of flame set forth a rhythm, even the howl of nightly coyotes in the distance as they torn into their helpless prey became a chorus of cacophonous chords. Nowadays, between his bouts of madness, Curtis splits his multiple personalities between his ghastly fiction writing and his two devious bands, the mysterious traveling horror carnival known as ‘Creature Feature’, and the lycanthropic occultist medical sideshow known as ‘Rufus Rex’.


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