Of Shaded And Shadowed Places

Of Shaded And Shadowed Places

Shade is the dim, the dark, the shadowy places underneath.

Shade is the damp, the dank, the hollowed places in-between.

Shade is the cool, the chilled, the trickling places underground.

Shade is the veiled, the shrouded, the obscured places that surround.

Shade is the hidden, the concealed, the buried places below.

Shade is the abandoned, the forgotten, the places lost long ago.

And As the years pass by toward the end of our days.

We soon shall return to the shade of our graves.

~Curtis Rx

9 Responses to Of Shaded And Shadowed Places

  1. Migratory Zombie

    My good sir, I do believe that I have found a poem to add to my collection of favourites. :]

  2. Kau

    I love it… and without the light not have shade.
    abandoned places silents and damaged is so pretty
    so sit down in this places is very great to feel the silent world…
    When I walk among graves, I feel the destiny and one great amazing peace
    I don’t how explain, so peaceful and mistery in all it…
    When you not know only the most magnificent in simple choices and few contemplate the splendid destination that gave us to the bones.
    the way you finish this poem was perfect.
    I am delight all it ahahahaha

  3. Emma

    You just made my allergy to the UV rays of the sun a good thing. Muchos Gracias, Mi Amigo.

  4. I like this one, gives me something to think about.

  5. BekkyS.

    This is magnificent! and because it’s all true!! Curtis i don’t say this to people…at all really but you are even more awesome than Gibbs! (Gibbs from NCIS that is….and to me and my unbio sister Gibbs is like god!!)

  6. Amber

    If we could read your poems in class language arts 11 would no longer be a bore. And it’s rare that this class bores me so as I enjoy writing and reading, but still, a first time for everything. *sigh*

  7. i love all of your poems. they are great!

  8. mandieville666

    dark; shade; evil. awesome…. sounds like my room hee hee!

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