It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
A dark noir tale of epic proportions told entirely through vignettes

Darkness Surrounds, Then
The Low Moaning Of A Single Cello
Rain, Falling Like Pebbles
The Onset Of A Five-O-Clock Shadow
Forty-Eight Hours Wide-Eyed
In Dire Need Of Sleep
The Grumbled Delivery Of A Morbid One-Liner
A Crouching Shadow On The Arriving Train
The Bait And Switch
A Clever Ruse
Replacement Of The Bottled Gin With Liquid Explosive
Two Muffled Gunshots
A Sword Fight Ensues
One Clumsily Severed Artery
Walls Painted In Crimson
A Lady In Red
Gone In A Flash
Only A Figment
A Thirteen Minute Struggle On Top Of An Unhinging Box Car
Barreling Down The Tracks
A Man In A Suede Olive Green Suit
Mismatched Top Hat
A Mighty Crash
Masked By Thunder Claps
The Music Of Bones Breaking
Reverberating Through The Night
Hand Over Foot
Down The Side Of A Ravine
Off The Beaten Path
Only Four Cigarettes Remaining
Stumble Upon
Hollowed Ground
A Hidden Laboratory Deep Within A Crypt At The Cemetery
Leather Boots On Wet Cobblestone
Encrypted Messages Scrawled On Coffin Lids
An Elusive Skeleton Key
Electricity Shooting From Fingertips
Blackened And Singed
Bloody Bandages
A Man With White Hair
Pupils Magnified To Funhouse Proportions
A Cold Liver Sandwich
Seventeen Cups Of Black Coffee
Interrogation By Fingernail Pulling
A Half Empty Container Of Pickles With A Finger Inside
A MacGuffin Of Sinister Sorts
Things May Not Be What They Seem
Strange Echoes
A Subterranean Corridor
Creatures Scurry In The Darkness
The Faint Glimmer Of Illumination Up Ahead
A Puzzling Breeze Coming From The Bookcase
Smoke And Mirrors
A Secret Passageway
From Outside Something Stirs
A Weathered Trench Coat
A Long Black Cadillac
A German Password
It Begins To Click
Everything Falls Into Place
The Key To An Invisibility Potion
A Loose Brick In The Fireplace
Cinder And Smoke
One Third Of A Tattered Map
Hidden Peepholes In The Family Painting
Return Of The Lady In Red
A Withered Rose
An Embrace
Smeared Red Lipstick
A Slight Hint Of Lavender Tea
A Powerful Premonition
The Jig Is Up
Glowing Red Eyes From Behind Shadowed Bushes
Quickly Extinguished
The Escape
Transportation Hijacked
A Kink In The Plan
Brake Lines Have Been Cut
Feeling Lightheaded
Chloroform In Layman’s Terms
A Thud
Twisted Metal
Broken Glass
Skull To Pavement
Fleeting Phantasms
Time Passes
Groggily Awaken
Vision Is Foggy
A New Location
A Skeleton Grin
Friend Or Foe
Very Few Questions Answered
Even More Questions Posed
What Lies Ahead
Stay Tuned


Thanks for reading,
~Curtis Rx

18 Responses to It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

  1. Frankenmegan

    Awesome. This seems almost stream of conscious writing, which is the coolest sort. Also very Tim Burton-esque, you know.

  2. Migratory Zombie

    Lovely. I could see this being turned into a film of sorts…

  3. Anchorshark

    Oooh, very nice.
    I agree, that would be so cool if this were turned into a movie.

  4. Jessica

    Words can’t describe how beautiful this piece is, Curtis.

  5. Mandieville666

    a string of tangled thoughts.
    jumbled like anagrams.


    Insanely good. Keep up the nice work.

  7. Kiwi

    Two words. Acid. Trip.

  8. BekkyS.

    This is magnificent sir, you the mind of a genious. If only everyone could appreciate the imagination and creativity you possess.I most certainly do.Again, i salute you sir.

  9. Madelyn M.

    Absolutely Brilliant.

  10. Callie

    Hm. Although I’ve never seen this form of writing before, I must say that I’m impressed. At first I thought “Well, this isn’t going to be good at all.” But by the end, I really got into it. Well done.

  11. Amber

    The style of writing reminds me of my Alice In Wonderland themed poem-like things.

  12. Meee

    More stories. D:<
    DO IT.
    DO IT NOW.

  13. Michelle

    Was there a lunch break in there? Too much caffeine can be bad for you.

  14. Darkest Shadow

    This, kind sir, was amazing. Poem format, my favorite kind of story. I salute you sir.

  15. 6

    That was amazing! I really can’t describe how amazing your writing skills are..Only that I admire your skills greatly.

  16. Angela

    When I started reading, I fell into a daze, my eyes darted through the lines, absorbing it all. The only thing that snapped me out?
    “Stay tuned.”

  17. Kristine ahles

    Insanely good keep up the nice work curtis

  18. Honor Scout

    This is awesome, Curtis 😀 <3

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