It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
A dark noir tale of epic proportions told entirely through vignettes

Darkness Surrounds, Then
The Low Moaning Of A Single Cello
Rain, Falling Like Pebbles
The Onset Of A Five-O-Clock Shadow
Forty-Eight Hours Wide-Eyed
In Dire Need Of Sleep
The Grumbled Delivery Of A Morbid One-Liner
A Crouching Shadow On The Arriving Train
The Bait And Switch
A Clever Ruse
Replacement Of The Bottled Gin With Liquid Explosive
Two Muffled Gunshots
A Sword Fight Ensues
One Clumsily Severed Artery
Walls Painted In Crimson
A Lady In Red
Gone In A Flash
Only A Figment
A Thirteen Minute Struggle On Top Of An Unhinging Box Car
Barreling Down The Tracks
A Man In A Suede Olive Green Suit
Mismatched Top Hat
A Mighty Crash
Masked By Thunder Claps
The Music Of Bones Breaking
Reverberating Through The Night
Hand Over Foot
Down The Side Of A Ravine
Off The Beaten Path
Only Four Cigarettes Remaining
Stumble Upon
Hollowed Ground
A Hidden Laboratory Deep Within A Crypt At The Cemetery
Leather Boots On Wet Cobblestone
Encrypted Messages Scrawled On Coffin Lids
An Elusive Skeleton Key
Electricity Shooting From Fingertips
Blackened And Singed
Bloody Bandages
A Man With White Hair
Pupils Magnified To Funhouse Proportions
A Cold Liver Sandwich
Seventeen Cups Of Black Coffee
Interrogation By Fingernail Pulling
A Half Empty Container Of Pickles With A Finger Inside
A MacGuffin Of Sinister Sorts
Things May Not Be What They Seem
Strange Echoes
A Subterranean Corridor
Creatures Scurry In The Darkness
The Faint Glimmer Of Illumination Up Ahead
A Puzzling Breeze Coming From The Bookcase
Smoke And Mirrors
A Secret Passageway
From Outside Something Stirs
A Weathered Trench Coat
A Long Black Cadillac
A German Password
It Begins To Click
Everything Falls Into Place
The Key To An Invisibility Potion
A Loose Brick In The Fireplace
Cinder And Smoke
One Third Of A Tattered Map
Hidden Peepholes In The Family Painting
Return Of The Lady In Red
A Withered Rose
An Embrace
Smeared Red Lipstick
A Slight Hint Of Lavender Tea
A Powerful Premonition
The Jig Is Up
Glowing Red Eyes From Behind Shadowed Bushes
Quickly Extinguished
The Escape
Transportation Hijacked
A Kink In The Plan
Brake Lines Have Been Cut
Feeling Lightheaded
Chloroform In Layman’s Terms
A Thud
Twisted Metal
Broken Glass
Skull To Pavement
Fleeting Phantasms
Time Passes
Groggily Awaken
Vision Is Foggy
A New Location
A Skeleton Grin
Friend Or Foe
Very Few Questions Answered
Even More Questions Posed
What Lies Ahead
Stay Tuned


Thanks for reading,
~Curtis Rx

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