Are You Scared?

Are You Scared?

Pitch black darkness.
Civilization off in the distance.
Winding mountain roads.
Unsure directions.
Unfamiliar surroundings.
Eerie moonlight.
Tricks played on the eyes.
Strange sounds.
It might just be wild animals.
It might be something much worse?
Howling breeze.
Movement up ahead.
Something stirs in the blackness.
A bump in the night.
Do you sit in the quiet,
Familiar protection of your automobile?
Or do you get out
and meet it head on?
I get out.
Do you?

Answer accordingly,
~Curtis Rx

26 Responses to Are You Scared?

  1. MindlessZombie

    This poem really gave me chills. Even now I make up excuses for all the sounds I hear in the middle of the night. I would probably never get out of the car and drive as fast as I could out of that place.

  2. Migratory Zombie

    I most certainly get out of the car.

    And then I run like hell. X]

  3. Kau

    oks! this have two answer!
    1- if around of my city, I never get out, I not have doubt that I ll win one
    bullet in the middle of my head. sorry aahahha sad true
    2- in other peaceful places, of course I get out and slow down in the ground
    I like feel the ground and if certainly I ll walk with one cigarette
    and in the other hand one wine bottle and murmur boooo booo
    I think walk is cool. The dawn have pretty sounds, I think.

  4. Beth

    You’re amazing.
    I love your writing.
    Your mind scares me, but I love it.

  5. Arkham Angel

    I live in the wonderful state of Colorado where there is nothing but winding roads and beautifully eerie landscape, and I choose to embrace it all. The things that go bump in the night keep me sane.
    This work drew me in. I could relate to and feel each word and phrase.

  6. I’ve been in a situation like this, however I was with my sister. We were heading up to a cemetery we’ve never been to before at midnight about an hour away from home. It was in the middle of an animal habitat with train tracks off to the side and the river running around it. The road leading to the cemetery was bumpy with narrow curves, there was a fork in the road…one leading to the cemetery and one leading God knows where. Thankfully we took the road to the cemetery, we were spooked to say the least and I even had a mild panic attack but as soon as we got there and even as we were leaving I felt at peace. You know what they say “In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors.”

  7. Mandieville666

    i’d get out and face it. if i died. i died trying to prove to myself i’m not a puny weak little girl anymore.

  8. Lillian T.

    Well I live in Downtown L.A. so if I was smart I’d stay in the car. You could go, but I am staying. Although if you do go, think you could give me the car keys?

  9. Charolette Hartz

    I would certainly get out of the car. And I fight like a real phyco-chick; with the spare tire.

  10. BekkyS.

    um…..if you got out i would get out, but i don’t think you want a short girl constantly clinging to your arm asking “WHAT WAS THAT?!” even if it was just Sam the Silent Squrriel. But say if it were me and my bestest buddies with me, heck yeah i’d get out!! i’d scare the crap out of them first….but then i would probably A.get dragged back to the car by my tallest buddy by my hair and then get yelled at while the other (no offense to her but it’s happened before) would probably be crying in the back seat or B. they’d run and i’d get stuck out alone….aw crap not again

  11. Kiwi

    Unless it looked like someone needed help, I’d just keep goin’

  12. Blythe in the Night

    I’ve been in a situation like this before. I was walking my dog, so I wasn’t completely alone, but it was still dark and no one was around. We were walking down an abandoned dirt path, not knowing where it would take us. Being my curious self, I had to explore. Unfortunately I got freaked out and had to go home, but it wasn’t because I heard any scary creatures going bump in the night, or even because I saw any ghostly figures in the nearby shadows. No, I walked through a spiderweb with a really big spider in it.

    Then I screamed and ran home like a frightened little girl.

    It makes me glad to know that no one else was watching, lol.

  13. No, I wouldn’t get out…but I would drive toward the “whatever it is.” I’m curious and I’d have to explore but I want to make sure I live to investigate another day.

  14. Neko

    I would get out and explore, and if anything happened, I’d call for help.

  15. trisha leckrone

    you did it again…another great poem….
    i would meet it head on…

    Very curious,

  16. Psycho Ghoul

    Amazing poem.
    And I’d get out of the car…….with a chainsaw…..
    Come out, you cowards!!!!! Muhahaha

  17. aaron bruce

    to the first person who left a comment, why get out of the car to run? i mean a cat can run faster than we can. so just use the car to run faster then you would go on foot.

  18. Amanda

    Life is short. Death is fun. Lets go play wiith it.

  19. Jesse

    Run around, having fun.
    Underground, now we’re done.
    We have lost, and the cost was death.

  20. Amber

    Yep, every time we get home after dark. Living in the middle of nowhere can be quite interesting, though sadly not quite as isolated as the cabin we lived for those brief three years of the start of my life. :( But still isolated XD I think you’d like it here Curtis Rx.

  21. StrangeLilGirl

    Wow, you got a wicked mind Curtis, in a really good way :)

    I’d probably take my Ipod and some weapens and go out of my car =o

  22. Angela

    I’d get out, grab my harpoon, and go werewolf hunting.
    The best place to do so, after all, is on a dark mountain trail at night, far from civilization.
    Don’t ask me how I know that…

  23. Honor Scout

    That end send chills up my spine, I really loved this one! <3

  24. Zoe Star Bryan

    Yes indeed I’d get out. The darkness is the greatest thing in the world. Lovely poem, Mr. Rx. I would give ANYTHING to read you book, 101 Ways To Die. Or was it 1001?

  25. sylph

    yes, i do get out.
    no, i will not go any closer.
    I’ll just stand there like an idiot and i don’t care.

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