All Lost Souls, Come Out, Come Out!

Hello boils and ghouls,

In celebration of the season I’m going to post a few lines a day of a Halloween poem that I am working on, with the whole thing coming to a close on Halloween morning. So, enjoy and don’t forget to check back everyday until Halloween for more.

All Lost Souls, Come Out, Come Out

A skeleton hand
I extend to you
A ghastly invitation
That is bleeding right through

Open the box
Peer inside
A severed finger
To jog the mind

Did you remember
To R.S.V.P.
Or will you rest in peace
In the ossuary?

I hope youโ€™ll attend
In the grimist of fashion
A celebration of sorts
In my haunted mansion

Let the festivities begin…

Escape your tombs
Inhabit the halls
Hang arachnids
From all the walls

Ghosts are placed
In every room
Witches shaking
Dust from brooms

Cauldrons baste
Upon the fire
Warlocks soar
Higher, higher

Sorcerers mix
Potions and spells
Poltergeists haunt
Banshees scream out

Large black cats
Crossing paths
New life again
The dead shall have

Werewolves transform
Howls from lips
Vampires arise
From velvet crypts

Pumpkins carved
A sinister face
Every ghoul
Is in its place

Mummies stir
In pyramids
At ancient tombs
Move coffin lids

Famished rats
Scurry about
Cornfield scarecrows
Escape, breakout

Gargoyles awaken
Regain sight
Fill the air
With fevered flight

Primeval sea beasts
Crawl ashore
Hobgoblins gather
On the moor

Slime bubbles up
From the mire
The air is alive
With funeral pyres

Six feet under
From out they dig
Rattling bones
Dance and jig

Spiders, scarabs
And centipedes too
Snakes and serpents
Right on cue

Will-O-Wisps dance
Suspended in fog
Phantoms play
On deserted bogs

Darkness swirls
Round and round
Evil carnivals
Come to town

Bats burst out
From granite caves
Vultures tread
On forgotten graves

Fairies and angels
Run and hide
Corpses and cadavers
Are along for the ride

Voodoo chants
Whispered on the breeze
Yellow full moon
Swirling dead autumn leaves

Headstones tremble
Black candles melt
All lost souls
Come out, come out

Bring a date
Even if theyโ€™re dead
Bring a friend
With or without their head

Scrub your skin
Inside and out
Polish dem’ bones
Get even the grout

Sharpen your fangs
Wake the deceased
Trim the claws
And ready the beast

All frightening creatures
Unite, unite
For it is the one and only
Halloween night


Thanks for reading,
~Curtis Rx

46 Responses to All Lost Souls, Come Out, Come Out!

  1. Austin Caudill

    this horrific………it gives an almost eri sense……… continue your work and i’m asured legions of skeletons and ghouls will follow…………………..
    servent of darkness

  2. NeonV.

    This is very good!
    Can’t wait for part 2. [:

  3. kau

    a skeleton hand? nha nha I want, but just your hand ahahhaha
    tomorrow I back to read more…….. =)
    luv babyone xoxoxo

  4. XxCreatureFanXX

    You should make more of your poems into songs somehow. =]
    Oh well, This was awesome! You make my day whenever I read your writing!

  5. Miss Lovecraft

    Now I’m all extra giddy about Halloween.

    So much anticipation ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. BekkyS.

    i’m probably gonna like ingrave this into my mind so on Halloween i’ll skip around my neighborhood singing this, i’m going as Erik, i’ll go as you next year :) cuz you’re just that freaking awesome

  7. mandieville666

    hurry up and tell me what happens at this party…

  8. Your poems are awesome :).

  9. Bridget Mercado

    that was pretty good….not pretty good….awesome….=^x^=

  10. Lillian T.

    you just had to leave us with a cliffhanger…awesome poem though…can’t wait for Halloween and Part 2 of this poem! ^_^

  11. Miss Lovecraft

    Now awaiting part 3.

    More killer anticipation ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. BekkyS.

    this is really amazing, i can’t wait until part 3, you’re amazing Mr.Curtis

  13. kau

    I hate poltergeists… but well can happen… let me see if he back to my house!!! ow I don’t know! I m weak of powers!!!! dust from brooms, this a fuck really luv, I have a little cauldrons full of precious rock. great my sir… wait for more spells… and blood in shells… come out yu too… I can give yu a great boo… ahahahah xoxoxo =)

  14. Lillian T.

    “Hang arachnids
    From all the walls ”
    ….that sentence alone would terrify (did i spell that right?) my mother!

  15. mandieville666

    what is a hobgoblin anyways?

  16. kau

    ow wake up all creatures of it… =)
    is gonna be a great party ah!!!!!!! delightful…
    is like a dance words.

  17. BekkyS.

    your poems make me feel so happy, i can’t wait until part 4, you’re amazing, absolutely amazing and you’re what makes Halloween one of the best times of the year!

  18. BekkyS.

    btw mandieville666 a hobgoblin is a large, friendly yet mischevious type of goblin, just thought i’d tell you :)

  19. kau

    I m curious to the and of it……………………. =)
    short words and dance in a big poem!
    oh yeah that I wanted go to town! ahahha
    but in the moment I need run to a silent place!
    nha nha not have halloween here buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    someone save me!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  20. BekkyS.

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Amazing.PERIOD

  21. mandieville666

    @bekkys. thanks!!!!

  22. Jenna Labriola

    Amazing poem, Mr. Rx! Perfect for getting one into the Halloween spirit!
    My costume for tonight: Pirate/Zombie Hunter! (Evil Dead quoting tonight? Heck yes. Shop smart, shop S-Mart!)

  23. You sir, are King of Imagery.
    And I’m being Edgar Allan Poe for Halloween. =)

  24. Miss. Sapz

    It was absolutely amzing, as usual. you are the best poet ever! And I’m gonna be a fairy but my wings broke =(

  25. kau

    like I tell… the only of the date of celebration that I like…
    and I m here in my halloween sick.
    great poem! xoxoxo luvyu

  26. Moosey

    the poem is ubber awesome, I think it would be great for a new song. =)

    Iยดm a dead little girl for Halloween btw.
    P.S have fun at day two of the cabaret macabre, I wish I could be there too…

    greetings from GERMany.

  27. Truly absolutely wonderful! I simply adored it!
    For Halloween I’m being Ash from Evil Dead /Army of Darkness ๐Ÿ˜€ Mwahahaha…. “Groovy.” lol

  28. SouloftheDamned

    OMG! that was so cool! you rule!

  29. XxCreatureFanXX

    That was one of the best poems you’ve relesed I think.
    Well, I already dressed up and went trick or treat (cause I’m cheep)
    But I went as a zombie. I went all by myself since no one likes me. :c

  30. I like this poem very, very much! Great work sire!
    Nothing has forgotten and everything fits perfectly!

    (Tonight I’m a ghost or other spirit creature of a dead person.)

    Happy Halloween!

  31. mandieville666

    i like i like. entrancing as usual.
    i’m a vampire nick jonas for halloween… ha ha!

  32. Cyanide and Delirium here. We sat with our Halloween candy and read it out loud. We loved it. And we were zombies today and yesterday, I was Sam-I-Am and Delirium was Alex from A Clockwork Orange because Halloween can’t just be one night; dressing up is too much fun! Hope you’re having a great one.

    -Cyanide and Delirium
    (team spooky)

  33. Mandy Mystery

    Wonderful poem, topped off my near perfect night. Went to a haunted attraction with a few of the best kids in the world, got scared out of my mind, got to wear a mini top hat- it was marvelous. The only thing that would have been better would have been getting to see you boys play at the Cabaret Macabre. I expect pictures and good stories surrounding your All Hallows Eve experiences tonight, my love!
    I’ve got some good coffee, a warm bagel, and I just caught Night of the Living Dead on TV. Could it be any more glorious?

  34. BekkyS.

    i think reading this was the best part of my Halloween, you’re so amazing all the time, you are like god! better actually. the only thing i got to do was go to the movies to see “Paranormal Activity” with my friend Mr.Creapsley, along with my sister the Silent Hill Nurse, and her friend V, from V for Vendetta, i also rode my bike up and down my street looking at all the wonderful Halloween feel of my neighborhood which isn’t very big and there isn’t anyone i know. Oh well, i can make Halloween everyday in my mind. btx Mandieville666, your welcome ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. BekkyS.

    Btw Curtis you’re my favourite author of all time, my favourite author used to be Erin Hunter, but they screwed up the books by making the cool characters die or hate each other, and they aren’t as cool as you

  36. Awesome :)
    So every Halloween my fam and our neighbors get together outside and have a little bonfire and sit around in our costumes (I was a geisha haha) with candy for the trick-or-treaters.. This year I brought along my Creature Feature cd to play while we partied outside. I felt it was only appropriate. Haha. Anyways, I got my neighbor hooked on your tunes.. And then the entire group starting talking about your guy’s music and how it’s growing on them while we sat there and listened (most of these people are well over the age of 30.. haha.)

  37. Lillian T.

    I love Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays to spend with my family. We dress up and go trick or treating, then come home and watch whatever is on the television eat candy and sleep well.

  38. Edward.Grimm

    Best. Halloween. Poem. EVER.

    And, I went for Halloween yesterday with my girlfriend as Jack The Ripper and his victim for our friends’ wedding, and Skullboy and Ruby Gloom for the Rocky Horror Picture Show.


  39. Karen R.

    This poem haunted me all last night….in a bone-chilling good way of course. My costume was black cat from spider-man. i showed your music to a lot of people and they are into it now, as i knew they would be. =)

  40. Haley C.

    I LOVED IT!!!
    Sadly, this year I was sick over Halloween with mono…
    It’s not fair!

  41. strangelilgirl

    wow, thats awesome. i wish i could make poems =( the only poem i ever made was about my teacher and it wasnt ending good for him >=)

  42. Lauren

    it reminds me of the monster mash….. ๐Ÿ˜€

  43. Jess

    After far too many years studying English, I can say this is definitely one of the best poems I have EVER read.
    I’ll have to learn it for Halloween this year. xXx

  44. snowfallen13

    Are we reading the work of a new edgar allan poe? Maybe, but I can’t decide what I like more your poems or your stories.

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