A Curious Electricity

A Curious Electricity

Leaves begin to die and fall from the trees,
Leaving them bare and lifeless.
Don’t let this fool you,
It’s really just a rebirth.
A strange breeze begins.
It’s not the hot breeze of summer,
Nor the cold breeze of winter,
But something in-between.
A perfect combination of two drastically different worlds.
The calm before the storm,
Like standing in the eye of a hurricane.
Everything is quiet and still.
Something beautifully sinister is brewing.
The closer it gets, the more noticeable it becomes.
The scent of burning candles and pumpkins,
Of moldering earth and cloves.
A curious electricity courses through your bones,
Laps at your skin and swims through your veins.
Like stumbling upon a long-forgotten place, hidden away for eons.
Like witnessing a secret event from the past, held in secrecy.
Everywhere you turn, you see sights not meant for the living.
Ghosts float about the darkness.
Skeletons dance among the swirling leaves.
Witches ride the fiery night sky.
Shadows take on a life of their own.
Vampires arise and thirst for a meeting.
Werewolves transform and stalk in the moonlight.
Pumpkins grow a sinister face and join the living.
It’s magic.
In its purest form.
Most people don’t seem to realize it anymore,
Long ago shutting off that little part of them that recognized it,
That sixth sense for the unimaginable,
Carelessly discarding their wonderment and whimsy.
But Be warned.
Once it dies, it can never be resurrected.
No wizardry, spells, or enchanted elixirs can bring it back.
Pay Attention.
Are you one of the blessed few who can still sense it.?
Is there any ounce of that part of you left?
A dying root, you can nurse back to health before its extinction?
It might not be too late for you.
It’s most powerful at night.
I dare you to seek it out
Wait until the bewitching hour,
When the veil is the thinnest.
Go out to a place where the earth is untamed,
Out in the middle of nowhere,
Where dark, really means dark.
Away from the city lights, honking horns, and constant chattering.
Once you find this place,
Sit there and wait.
Don’t look for it,
It will come to you.

Answer Accordingly,
~Curtis Rx

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