A Corpse In My Bed

Hello Boils And Ghouls,

This is the original poem I wrote years ago, that I eventually turned into a Creature Feature song of the same name for the album The Greatest Show Unearthed. Enjoy!

A Corpse In My Bed

Is it wrong,
To have a corpse in my bed?
I do not think so,
Even if she is dead.

I do not think it is disturbing,
I do not think it is a crime.
Even though she has been expired,
for quite some time.

My friends all think,
That I am slightly off.
Behind my back,
They snicker and scoff.

They could never,
Understand our love.
Like two peas in a pod,
Or severed hand in glove.

She is so dainty,
So sweet, so demure.
She is the lighthouse,
Which keeps me from running Ashore

Every second away,
Is excruciating and vile.
I rush home just to glimpse,
Her gleaming smile.

She catches my fancy,
No matter what they think.
Her eyes are bottomless wells,
That never seem to blink.

My heart beats for her,
Hers beats for no one else.
She never complains,
Her breath is quiet like a mouse.

We always converse,
Late Into the night.
Never an argument,
Never a fight.

Each morning we awaken,
With the sun on our face.
Everything is in order,
Everything in its place.

My only complaint,
Is the perfume she wears.
A cross between spoiled milk,
Moldy bread, and rotten pears.

Sometimes people ask,
Why don’t I sleep in a different room.
Mine would be the master suite,
Hers a dark solitary tomb.

But I could never do that,
To my one and only soul mate.
I will lie beside her,
Until I suffer the same fate.

I just could not bring myself,
To let her repose underground.
A feast for worms,
Inside her burial mound.

Not once have I thought,
Of ever leaving her side.
Even though it’s been years,
Since she unfortunately died.

I am not scared,
I just don’t want to be alone.
Even if she is
Just skin and bone.

So let me reiterate,
To earlier what was said.
Is it really that wrong,
To have a corpse in my bed?

Check out the song I wrote based off this poem: A Corpse In My Bed

Thanks for reading,
~Curtis Rx

26 Responses to A Corpse In My Bed

  1. Miss Delirium

    Oh. My. God.

    This is absolutely amazing! I think I may love the song even more now that I’ve read this, if that’s possible. You are truly a genius with words, sir.

  2. Migratory Zombie

    I played this song for one of my friends about a year ago and, for some strange reason, she couldn’t stop giggling. I kicked her. :]

  3. Emma

    *applause* Reminds me of why I was banned from the cemetery for a year. Fun story, but not one that should leave police records…

  4. Kau

    So… I don’t think this is wrong muaaahahahaha
    so I think that I play many here… your corpse have what type of
    noises? have noises ah? I remember about it in some cientific documentary.
    or not? maybe I am crazy and mix nothing with nothing… but…
    I think this is have one noise… one insect a bug a air…
    alone… we always alone… but look… not so much lonely
    with all this smiles around… sometimes create your world and live inside
    and the reality not touch you sometimes…
    some beats the heart machine… so you write this fantasy
    inspire in some lover of the moment?
    the humans sleeping is like a corpse. scare at dawn!
    or this only a fantasy of your great brain?
    love this song and this poem now =)

  5. Arkham Angel

    This is one of my favorite’s, both as a poem and as a song. I understand the fear of being alone and the unyeilding love that could not allow distance between you and your beloved.

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  7. Lillian T.

    wow…one of my favorite songs was originally a wonderfully written poem? that is so sweet…almost as sweet as your love for the corpse in the poem.

  8. Not once have I thought,
    Of ever leaving her side.
    Even though it’s been years,
    Since she unfortunately died.

    I am not scared,
    I just don’t want to be alone.
    Even if she is
    Just skin and bone.

    Best lines. I love it.

  9. Mandieville666

    awwwwwwwwww undying love! so much for zombie wives.

  10. Quilleran

    I’m so glad you wrote this poem, were it not for this poem i probably would have never learned fo Creature Feater and never developed my life absorbing obsession with Horror! Huzzah!

  11. Elsi Hope

    Dr. Von Cosel/ Tanzler. I know another band that wrote a song based on this guy as well. I assume you’ve read the comic book too?

  12. JackHammer_MFZB

    This Is Probably One Of The Weaker Poems.

  13. Alice

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think this is actually a little better than the song. Because it was first, you know?

    Anyway, you’re an insperation! (I’m in a band- The Late-Night Horror Show)
    and I’ve been suffering a major block. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to do something like this.

  14. BekkyS.

    Wow Curtis, you are a remarkable man. You have a mind that surrpasses all. And to this i salute you sir. You have more talent than most people could ever come to withstand.

  15. SharpKiss

    This was the song that totally made me love you guys :) …well this one, and Such Horrible Things. Your mind is amazing

  16. MasqueradeDoll

    This is too perfect, I love it so much. Horribly cute…

  17. Amber

    “…And death part us not dear love. Together forever as i say these wedding vows, from here and now, to then and beyond.”
    wedding vows would be better with a touch or morbidism.

  18. Amber

    I must ask, have you heard of tom Lehrer? He is also one of my favored musicians with four songs og his being my favorite:
    Masochism Tango
    Poisoning Pigeons in the Park
    I Hold Your hand in Mine
    Irish Ballad
    this poem reminds me of the third listed.

  19. 6

    Agreed. I think I like this song more now that I read the poem.

  20. Lucy

    Great poem! Seriously one of the best poems ever!

  21. snowfallen13

    I think this is the sweetest poem I have ever read! I can see why you decided to make it a song. The poem leaves me with just one conclusion If parting is such sweet sorrow then why part at all?

  22. Honor Scout

    This is lovely and I love the song even more now! 😀 <3

  23. Pandora Ortiz

    Curtis your poems and songs are dark but beautiful pieces of art. I love this poem.Keep writing your dark, horrific stories and poems.

  24. Angela

    No matter how many times I read this poem, I can’t help but tear up. It’s absolutely beautiful and romantic, yet it has the distinct gothic chill that it must have. Truly excellent.
    I read this to a few of my friends at a sleepover one time and I actually curled up on my bed for five minutes, them petting my back, trying to make me uncoil. I had to savor the excellence for a longer time than what I was given.

  25. Zoe Star Bryan

    This is a true love poem, Mister Curtis. No other creature I know can make such heart melting stories!

  26. Zoe Star Bryan

    Blood is red, veins are blue; No creature is as fair as you! Hehe, this is true poetry, Mister Curtis. You write the most heart melting things.

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