The Fortean Game Hunters Club: What Is The Montauk Monster?

Weird History: What Is The Montauk Monster?

What Is The Montauk Monster?

Well, the cleverly dubbed Montauk Monster is an unidentifiable rotting carcass that mysteriously washed ashore near, you guessed it—Montauk, New York. The story began on July 12th, 2008, as a group of friends went for a stroll along the tranquil shores of Montauk, when they happened upon the strange, decomposing husk of a creature crumpled in the sand. It was unlike anything they had ever seen before. It had webbed feet, a bird-like beak, and was completely hairless. A single photograph of the Montauk Monster was taken and history was made.

Once the curious photograph hit the media, a sea of speculation flowed forth as the vanilla flavored world quickly offered up their own theories; it was a sea turtle without its shell, an unfortunate canine drowned at sea, a curious raccoon who met its watery fate, a sea-swollen rodent ripe with larvae, a sheep with a horrible sense of direction, or a water logged and leather skinned surfer. No matter how probable these theories sound at first, not a single one of the above creatures could be matched to the characteristics of the beast in question, which eerily resembles a cross between two other legendary beasts, the Chupacabra and the Griffin.

This is the part where every cryptozoology tale grinds to a halt. In order to prove the existence of a new species of animal, a specimen must be present, but the Montauk Monster vanished entirely. The exact location where the creature was discover has never been ascertained, adding to the speculation, and not a single trace of its body was ever found.

Did The Montauk Monster Escape From A Secret Laboratory?

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have quickly and methodically taken over the natural world, forcing animals from their native habitats. This has given rise to countless accounts of strange beast and quizzical creatures that defy all logic. Most have been debunked as amateur fakes, eyewitness accounts discovered to be simple misunderstandings, and monetary gain found numerous times to be the real monster. But no matter what theories people toss around concerning the Montauk Monster, one fact still remains. The creature washed ashore within swimming distance of the infamous—Plum Island.

Did it escape?

Did it flee for its life—or was it looking for prey?

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~Curtis Rx

22 Responses to The Fortean Game Hunters Club: What Is The Montauk Monster?

  1. Casey Dethrow

    I think the Montauk Monster was found in the Great Blue Hole taken to Plum Island it then escaped but died from the experiments and washed up on the shore of Montauk.

  2. Casey Dethrow

    The exact location where the creature was discover has never been ascertained, adding to the speculation, and not a single trace of its body was ever found. that is what you said but if it disappeared i think the people at Plum Island came and taken it back for an autopsy… you have intrigued me into this thank you and i will possibly comment more

  3. id love to have that thing as a pet!!! 😀

  4. MindlessZombie

    I still remember seeing this on the news and talking with my friends about what we thought it really was. I thought it was a bunch of bull put there but some stupid kids or something. But now, I really don’t know what I think of that thing. For all we know it could just be some regular animal who looks VERY different without its feathers/fur/etc. I do find it a little strange that someone got a picture but the body was never found. That was made me really think it was just some trick . I know if I saw that thing near the beach I wouldn’t let it out of my site for a second. But I guess we’ll never know…

  5. Katrina

    I myself live on Long Island, not too far from Montauk, and I went with a group of friends there after hearing about the creature. We looked all up and down the beach and as they’ve said, there’s been no trace of it. But being on the Island, I plan to keep an eye out to see if ever such a beast appears again washed up on some other shore. As for what I think it is, there’s a great many possibilities, and being a natural skeptic, I think it most closely resembles an unfortuntate dog. The only thing that bugs me about my own theory is the webbed feet, so who knows? Perhaps we’ll get another chance to find out.

  6. Migratory Zombie

    I think it might be the fragile spawn of the beast of the Great Blue Hole and Nessie…

  7. Mandieville666

    well we know that gene splicing exists. they’ve proven that dinosaurs are indeed related to birds. perhaps they messed with a dog embryo and spliced it with some amphibious creature. the problem with this theory is that even though we can prove something is related they have never let something be born through gene splicing. a most curious happening indeed.

  8. Lillian T.

    “a sheep with a horrible sense of direction” XD what? people and their theories now-a-days. I am sorry but I wasn’t expecting that theory!
    and to be slightly off topic…is it wrong for me to look at this thing and think of it cooked and smothered in bbq sauce?

  9. Kiwi

    Funny how noone mentiond THE BEAK! I think it looks like a dog/fish/turky…thingy….mmm…turky*licks lips*

    Anyway, sheep, rodents, raccoons and dogs do NOT have beaks or webbed feet! Sea turtles don’t have webbed feet either, thay has flippers! And THAT”S ONE UGLY ARSE SURFER!!!!(with a beak, webed feet, and a tail)…(idiots)….

    I really do feel bad for it. =,(

  10. Kita

    …… Wow…

  11. Natalee

    Today I came across someone else talking about this Montauk Monster..
    They have a different picture..

  12. Vampireninja

    How come I never heard of this before!?!??!
    and i live on the island as well

    i happen to think it looks like a pig,
    with webbed feet and a beak

  13. Psyhco Ghoul

    Hmm, who knows what it is?
    It could be an expirament gone wroung, some defromed animal that met toxic waste for the first time,
    or it could be what you said. A monster from Plum Island.


  14. Curtis, I just found this article…look, a creature just like the Montauk Monster!

    Montauk Monster-Esque Mongrel Terrorizing Canada [Toronto Monster]

    Interesting, isn’t it?

  15. Haley

    for the people who are saying it cant be a dog beacuse of webbed feet, my dog is a labrador, and she has webbed feet. labradors were used to retrieve game birds that were shot down into ponds or lakes, so they have webbed ffet. however, labs do not have beaks…

  16. Justin

    Curtis, you got me interested in this. I decided to do some research and see what some other sites said. Some of them were saying that somebody burnt a raccoon and threw it in the water. I think that’s a load of bull, because raccoons don’t have beaks or webbed feet. I think you might be right about it being some kind of animal experiment. As for the truth on what it REALLY is, unless it shows up again, we may never know.

  17. tim

    ha ha its flicking us off! (look at the hand/paw thing)

  18. Steven Viper

    I was watching a show on History channel and they were saying how the beak was just a rotted dog skull, and it had been abused and skinned but they never mentioned webbed feet…….maybe because they couldn’t think of a cover story?

  19. BekkyS.

    it’s actaully a raccoon that was in the water for a while, i’m sorry i have to ruin it all but one night while me and my older sister were up talking, we were on the subject of criptid animals and i asked her if she knew what the Montaik Monster was and she said “Oh yeah, it’s just a raccoon”. i was so ticked off after learning it wasn’t a real monster, that it was just a washed up raccoon. And the other thing they found, ya know the thing laying on its back that those teenagers found and killed and later came back for, it’s a two-toed sloth, again my sister told me this, she even said they got Jeff Corwin to come check it out, and as soon as he looked at it he was like “Guys, that’s a Two-Toed Sloth, sorry”. UGH! I HATE IT WHEN THIS KIND OF COOL STUFF HAS BORING EXPLAINATIONS!!

  20. mandieville666

    raccoons don’t have webbed feet……………

  21. Jess

    or beaks.

    This isnt something we’ve ever seen before, but it’s like they say: We know more about the surface of the moon than we do of the sea.
    It was probably just a fake, but that is an incredible fake.

    I guess we’ll never know.

  22. Sitruk

    i find it very hard to believe that it was just a burned/decomposed racoon. they don’t have webbed feet and have relatively flat faces. although there might be a chance it is a slightly mutated/altered (to have webbed feet) and decomposed boar, we’ll never really know untill another one pops up

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