The Fortean Game Hunters Club: The Naree Pon Flower Pod Fairies!

Hello fiends,

I just wanted to post this video and give you an introduction to the Naree Pon flower pod fairies. Enjoy!

What happens if you are a vegetarian and just happen to snack on one of these poor little guys, is it animal or plant?

Stay weird,
~Curtis Rx

13 Responses to The Fortean Game Hunters Club: The Naree Pon Flower Pod Fairies!

  1. Those look like they came out of a Tool video.

  2. Lillian T.

    well if I were a vegetarian and I happen to snack on one of them…if they don’t scream then I am considering them a plant.
    …though they still creep me out!

  3. BekkyS.

    They’re so cute!! I want one! And they better look out for my friend Casey, she’s a vegitarian.

  4. What are they made of? If it’s fondant, I’ll pass. But are those SEWING pins? WTF?

  5. strangelilgirl

    are they still alive? they look like fairie corpses =)

  6. kau

    no way…………. is big to eat! =)

  7. amazing! i always believed in fairies, but no one takes me seriously. just look at bjork: human-fairy-hybrid? i think SO.

  8. mandieville666

    ummmm………. did they still have their teeth cause that’s awesome.

  9. Im vego….and im pritty sure that the fact it has a face makes it meat.

    I think.

  10. AprilCurse

    they look like fetuses… gross… if your a vegetarian and are against abortions… haha it’s like showing one of those animal cruelty videos to a peta fan LOL how fun… but no they look fake like clay or something anyone can make a rock have a face and bones.

  11. VamiRune

    I bet they were evil when they were alive….

  12. Ashlee

    they look like tiny aliens…i wouldnt put that in my mouth 😛

  13. Lauren

    They look like they’re made out of clay.

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