Everyday Is Halloween: Pottery Barn Halloween 2015!

Alright, can you feel it? Halloween is right around the corner and all the stores are finally beginning to fill up with some amazing things. It’s time to put in some extra hours grave robbing so we all can afford some of this ghastly stuff before it disappears. Here are some great items Pottery Barn has this year.

Stay weird,
~Curtis Rx

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  1. January Miller

    All I’ve gotta say about the ENTIRE site is that it’s all (somehow) stuff that interests me. The Everyday Is Halloween section though.. I agree on the title. But for a horror fan, everyday might be Halloween, but they go crazy on the holiday that’s feared. I should know. I go bat-shit nuts for it! ..Then again… My entire room is Halloween…. And my wardrobe.. Eh! YOU GET THE POINT! Ciao for now~! And, stay freaky my friend. It suits the all of you.

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