What Is Your New Year’s Resolution?

Hey fiends,

The time has come to state the things we want to achieve in the coming year, so here it goes. My new year’s resolution is to finish all the strange little projects I have lying around. It’s going to be a massive amount of work, but here is what I will get done this year.

  1. Learn how to move objects with my mind.
  2. Release the musical side project I’m recording in January.
  3. Find the abominable snowman.
  4. Finish writing the next Creature Feature album.
  5. Find out why my reanimation serum fails after only 24 hours.
  6. Finish my book of poems entitled “101 Ways To Die”.
  7. Drink more coffee.
  8. Finish the last 100 pages of a fiction novella I’ve been working on.
  9. Challenge the alligator I wrestled last year to a rematch.
  10. Unearth the hidden cache of gold doubloons marked on the tattered map I discovered in an old sailing book.

If you have a minute to spare, please leave a comment on this post and let me know what your new year’s resolutions are.

Hope all is well,
~Curtis Rx

Ps. If I can find the time, I’d also like to train falcons to deliver coded messages for me so I can save some money on my phone bill and because message by falcon is so much cooler than a text.

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