Last Week To Order Your ‘A Steak To The Heart’ Shirt & Get Your Name On My Upcoming Rufus Rex Album!

Hello fiends,

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m pleased to announce that the first in a line of Villains And Vaudevillians t-shirts has been released and it’s called “A Steak To The Heart”. It depicts a brave, but clueless vampire hunter who, after an unfortunate misunderstanding, tries to vanquish his bloodsucking foe with a t-bone steak instead of the time-honored wooden stake.

A Steak To The Heart Front
A Steak To The Heart Back

The shirt is double sided and limited to only 666 pieces. It comes hand numbered with a collectible hang tag and wrapped in a butchers Styrofoam tray like any proper t-bone steak should. They are $19.99 (plus shipping & handling) and come in mens sizes: Small, Medium, Large, And X-large. All shirts will ship May 15th. Artwork by Thomas Boatwright.

I am down to less than forty shirts before they are gone for good, here’s what I have left:

Small – SOLD OUT
Medium – SOLD OUT
Large – SOLD OUT
X-Large – SOLD OUT

As a special thank you for everybody who orders this shirt and since all proceeds from the shirt will go toward the completion of my upcoming ‘Rufus Rex’ debut solo album, I will print your name in the “Thank You’ section of the album booklet. I have included a message box in the Paypal transaction link that will ask you what name you would like printed in the album.

Hope all is well,
~Curtis Rx

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