First Look: Exclusive Photo From The Set Of Ghostbusters 3!

Hello fiends,

Late last night I received an urgent e-mail from a contact of mine who is is part of a film crew working a top secret project currently lensing in Los Angeles. He wouldn’t say what the name of the film was, but he did extend an invitation for me to come check out the set today. Being a huge fan of all things film, I quickly jumped at the chance. So this morning, with coffee in hand, I arrive on location and you could imagine my surprise when I found out the film was none other than—Ghostbusters 3. Unfortunately I could only spend a few hours gawking at the elaborate sets and famous characters we’ve all grown to love, but before I left, I was able to snap an exclusive pic of the new ghost busting team ready to do battle with the sinister forces that oppose them.

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, the first exclusive pic from the set of Ghostbusters 3:

Click Here For Your First Look At The Set Of Ghostbusters 3!

Grandma Venkman is definitely my favorite of the new characters!

~Curtis Rx

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