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Extra! Extra! Read All About It! The Peculiar Press is a unique publication striving to bring you the latest news deemed too weird to grace the front pages of other newspapers, stories of the strange and the bizarre. These may seem like tall tales, but everything reported here is true.

The Peculiar Press: The King Is Alive!

In Orlando Florida, a woman went out to her garage to do some nightly laundry when she heard a strange hissing sound coming from her dryer. Panicked that she might have a gas leak, the woman got a flash light and investigated the machine from front to back until she

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The Peculiar Press: Tarantulas On A Plane!

Somewhere in the friendly skies above Baltimore, a seemingly normal flight was underway to Atlanta when a baggage handler discovered something frightening roaming around the cargo hold, a tarantula. A large baboon tarantula had presumably escaped its cage and was running amok in the lower level of the plane looking

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The Peculiar Press: Leave No Good Rib Behind!

In Fresno CA, A barbecue enthusiast proved that his love of tender meat trumps all others when he risked his life to rescued a single rack of baby back ribs from a raging inferno. It all started in the middle of the night with an insatiable craving for bbq and

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The Peculiar Press: Look To The Skies!

In California, a Modesto family was shaken from their morning routine when huge, solid chunk of ice about the size of a basketball fell from the heavens and tore through their roof. The family said the the collision sounded like a bomb going off as the ice rocketed through the

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The Peculiar Press: The Michigan Chainsaw Massacre!

In Michigan, one family come home to their worst nightmare, their safe and secure home had been broken into while they were out for the day. The family quickly imagined the worst, their house would be ransacked and anything that wasn’t bolted down would surely be stolen and it would

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The Peculiar Press: Mind The Gap

In New York, nine disembodied brains were found lying along a set of train tracks by a frightened passerby who quickly altered the authorities to her grisly discovered. At first the arrival of these brains was linked to a mysterious disappearance of dozens of human brains preserved in formaldehyde from

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The Peculiar Press: Everything Has A Price!

In Nepal, the village of Hokse has grown famous for the strange product it exports to keep the town afloat, human kidneys. The town had become so extremely poor that they were grasping at straws to find any way of staying alive, even if it meant selling off their organ

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The Peculiar Press: Tears Of A Clown!

In North Carolina, a scenario straight out of our collective nightmares played out in real life when a 28-year-old man finally turned himself into police after dressing up in a clown mask and wig and paying a visit to an estranged acquaintance. Oh, and did I forget to mention that

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The Peculiar Press: Let’s Bury The Hatchet

In Kentucky, authorities received some strange and disturbing reports about an intoxicated ghoul with a chip on its shoulder stalking a local cemetery and looking to give somebody a piece of its mind, even if that somebody was a moldering corpse. The ghoul, which turned out to be just an

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The Peculiar Press: Life Is The Pits

In China, five unsuspecting people were waiting at a bus stop ready to greet the new day with open arms when a sinkhole opened up and swallowed them whole. At this time it is still unknown as to what actually caused the sinkhole, but a ten foot deep chasm opened

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