Putrid Poems

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night A dark noir tale of epic proportions told entirely through vignettes Darkness Surrounds, Then The Low Moaning Of A Single Cello Rain, Falling Like Pebbles The Onset Of A Five-O-Clock Shadow Forty-Eight Hours Wide-Eyed In Dire Need Of Sleep The Grumbled Delivery Of

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A Corpse In My Bed

Hello Boils And Ghouls, This is the original poem I wrote years ago, that I eventually turned into a Creature Feature song of the same name for the album The Greatest Show Unearthed. Enjoy! A Corpse In My Bed Is it wrong, To have a corpse in my bed? I

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A Curious Electricity

A Curious Electricity Leaves begin to die and fall from the trees, Leaving them bare and lifeless. Don’t let this fool you, It’s really just a rebirth. A strange breeze begins. It’s not the hot breeze of summer, Nor the cold breeze of winter, But something in-between. A perfect combination

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Are You Scared?

Are You Scared? Pitch black darkness. Civilization off in the distance. Winding mountain roads. Unsure directions. Unfamiliar surroundings. Eerie moonlight. Tricks played on the eyes. Strange sounds. It might just be wild animals. It might be something much worse? Howling breeze. Movement up ahead. Something stirs in the blackness. A

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Of Shaded And Shadowed Places

Of Shaded And Shadowed Places Shade is the dim, the dark, the shadowy places underneath. Shade is the damp, the dank, the hollowed places in-between. Shade is the cool, the chilled, the trickling places underground. Shade is the veiled, the shrouded, the obscured places that surround. Shade is the hidden,

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