Fortean Game Hunters Club

Welcome To The Fortean Game Hunters Club!

Come into my parlor, fix yourself a drink, and take a seat by the fire. Warm your bones as I tell you the many harrowing tales of the strange beasts and dangerous creatures that stalk the vast bowers of man’s domain. The world is not as safe as you think.

The Fortean Game Hunters Club: The Naree Pon Flower Pod Fairies!

Hello fiends, I just wanted to post this video and give you an introduction to the Naree Pon flower pod fairies. Enjoy! What happens if you are a vegetarian and just happen to snack on one of these poor little guys, is it animal or plant? Stay weird, ~Curtis Rx

The Fortean Game Hunters Club: What Is The Montauk Monster?

What Is The Montauk Monster? Well, the cleverly dubbed Montauk Monster is an unidentifiable rotting carcass that mysteriously washed ashore near, you guessed it—Montauk, New York. The story began on July 12th, 2008, as a group of friends went for a stroll along the tranquil shores of Montauk, when they

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