The Peculiar Press: What Lies Beneath!

What Lies Beneath!MedIn New York, police arrested three criminals who had cooked up a particularly strange get-rich-quick scheme that sent them deep into the bowels of the city. For years, rumors of lost treasure just sitting in the city’s underground sewer system have been spread throughout the internet and two fledgling criminals thought they could become millionaires overnight if they could just track down this hidden treasury, but it meant they had to get their hands dirty, extremely dirty. People told stories of hidden caches of jewelry and other goods that had accumulated in small sections of the sewer system as a result of small whirlpools that would trap all the discarded items rushing down from the cities toilets with every flush. The two criminals enlisted a third, who worked at the city’s Department of Environmental Protection, so he could open a manhole for them and give them passage to the untold riches below. Unfortunately, after several hours of digging around in the muck of the city, they resurfaced from the sewer empty handed and right into the waiting arms of the local police. All three were charged with criminal trespassing

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  1. Krystin Morgan

    Dirty crimes don’t pay I guess…
    I thought my joke was funny…

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