The Peculiar Press: Let’s Bury The Hatchet

Let's Bury The Hatchet!In Kentucky, authorities received some strange and disturbing reports about an intoxicated ghoul with a chip on its shoulder stalking a local cemetery and looking to give somebody a piece of its mind, even if that somebody was a moldering corpse. The ghoul, which turned out to be just an average 44-year-old man, was arrested when he was found digging up a decades-old grave, but he had a perfectly good reason, or so he claimed. He was simply trying to exhume his father’s corpse in order to continue an argument that he was still steaming about. The determined man had been drinking heavily and decided he had some unfinished business to discuss with dear old dad, who’d been buried over thirty years prior to his stubborn son getting his hands dirty in the graveyard that night. The man was taken into custody and was charged with public intoxication and violating graves. Those of us who know how satisfying it is to have the last word can understand his motivation, but eventually you just need let old ghosts die. There is still no word on whether the father and son buried the hatchet before the father was reburied.

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  1. Zoe Star Bryan

    Oh my ghoul, I live in Kentucky! Maybe it isn’t the most boring state ever..

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