The Peculiar Press: KFC Is Finger Licking Good, And Brain Damage Inducing?

KFC Is Finger Licking Good!A seven-year-old Australian girl consumed a “Chicken Twister” from her local Sydney KFC, which just happened to have had an eighth spice mixed into the recipe, the bacteria known as salmonella, resulting in an extremely rare occurrence of irreversible spastic quadriplegia and severe brain damage. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time KFC has been accused of contaminated food, so be wary.

11 Responses to The Peculiar Press: KFC Is Finger Licking Good, And Brain Damage Inducing?

  1. That’s why she should go to the whattaburger!
    I really enjoy this website

  2. max

    i live in sydney! and i know that kfc! and i occasionally eat there! and im a little worried now!

  3. kau

    ah! f*** poor girl – -” salmonella is dangerous. I not eat red meat or chicken ahahahha o.0 but have in other things.

  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us :-)

  5. Moriyah

    And my friends wonder why I don’t frequent KFC.

  6. Even if I wasn’t a vegitarian, I wouldn’t eat at KFC just cause it’s gross for one thing, and there are constant reports of food poisoning and stuff from KFC here in Utah. And yet, people constantly eat there. Bleh.
    That poor girl :(

  7. Ki

    I’ve heard that they soak their chicken in bleach…

  8. Mandieville666

    doesn’t change the fact that their mashed potatoes are amazing.

  9. Ashlea

    I ate lunch at KFC a few years ago when I was a sophmore in high school and ended up in the hospital for a week with Salmonella. Everyone seemed surprised when I pulled through. o.O

  10. Mackenzie

    poor girl :( I’ve always hated kfc D:<

  11. NearlyDeparted

    KFC…not a fan…i always thought that their chicken tasted a little off.

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