The Peculiar Press: Everything Has A Price!

Everything Has A Price!In Nepal, the village of Hokse has grown famous for the strange product it exports to keep the town afloat, human kidneys. The town had become so extremely poor that they were grasping at straws to find any way of staying alive, even if it meant selling off their organ to survive. It has become such a popular practice that they have become the kidney capital of the world and even earned the nickname of ‘Kidney Village’. So called ‘organ brokers’ travel around to all the surrounding impoverished areas and try to convince the townspeople to cough up one of their kidneys for anywhere from $150 to $10,000 dollars each, depending on how well the organ supplier can negotiate. The unfortunate part is that these ‘organ brokers’ are just modern day hucksters that will stop at nothing to get their hands on these organs even if it means flat-out lying. They have been known to spin stories of the removed kidney growing back in just a year’s time so they can live happily ever after with both organs and a fistful of cash. They also repeatedly tell their prospective sellers that human body actually works better with just one kidney and the removal of the extra organ will actually make them healthier in the long run. In the town of Hokse, if you want to get ahead in life or buy the house you’ve always wanted, your dreams can be achieved by selling off a little part of yourself.

3 Responses to The Peculiar Press: Everything Has A Price!

  1. Kaitlin

    What are they doing with the kidneys? Because im a cannibal and would desprately love some of them.

  2. Persephone

    Eyeless jack’s dream town right there.

  3. NearlyDeparted

    They’re obliviously feeding the dead. It’s how they keep the zombies away. Don’t you all do that too? Or am i the only one who has to do it since i live in a crypt?

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