The Peculiar Press: Ears Looking At You, Kid!

Oye Como Va LargeFiends, villains, vaudevillians, lend me your ears. In Australia, one artist is taking his latest performance to the next level and beyond by spending the last nine years growing a third ear on inside of his forearm. After an exhaustive ten-year search for a surgeon willing to undergo the controversial and unheard-of procedure, he finally succeeded in 2006 and has been nursing his new body part until it is finally ready for the next stage of his project. The man says he’s interested in the idea of a, “post-human, the idea of the cyborg.” The ear is made from same materials used in many other more common plastic surgeries, with the man’s own tissue and blood vessels eventually developing around it after about six months and will eventually have it’s own entirely separate blood supply, just like any other regular ear. Future plans for the ear include installing a miniature microphone that would allow internet users to listen in on whatever the artist and his ear are up to twenty-four hours a day and tracking the ear’s location using GPS. You heard it here folks!

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