The Peculiar Press: An American Tail II ~ Fievel Goes South!

An American Tail Fievel Goes South SmallFor decades it has been spoken of in hushed rumors, urban myths, and gross-out jokes to make people squeamish at parties, but the plump, juicy rats that live in our city’s sewer systems must’ve been listening and decided to prove, once again, that they will outlive all of us in the event a worldwide catastrophe. Let’s say that you want to rat proof your home, what do you do? You go around the perimeter of your humble abode in search of holes, gaps, crevices, or any other nooks and crannies where one of this clever creatures might possible squeeze into since their rib cages are hinged and they can nearly flatten themselves to enter the tiniest of spaces. After that, you either seal or cover all these offending openings with wire wire mesh, barbed wire, or motion activated laser machine gun cannons (ala the film masterpiece Congo, yes, the one with the talking gorilla named Amy). At this point you might just think you’ve made all the proper precautions to rat proof your home, but you would be dead wrong, you’re missing one huge kink in you home’s armor——the toilet. Yes, you heard that right, National Geographic has proven without a doubt that rats can climb up through the sewers, splash down into your toilets bowls, and proceed to wreak havoc in your home. They even made a video to back up their claim and it will keep you awake at night.

So, what can the humans of the world do to keep this invasion of toilet surfing rodents at bay, just leave your toilet lid down (when you’re not using it of course) and always look before you leap. Do you want to know what’s even scarier than sewers rats sneaking up through the toilet bowl, it’s been known to happen with snakes too. Now, which would you rather deal with?

2 Responses to The Peculiar Press: An American Tail II ~ Fievel Goes South!

  1. Jan Grackle

    I’ve seen one instance where a squirrel crawled up someone’s toilet. I guess it’s some sort of odd law; if you don’t want it in your house, it can, and WILL, crawl in through the toilet.

  2. Nichole

    I’d rather have a snake in my toilet than a rat. With a snake I know what kind of trouble I am getting into. With a rat, you never know what they could do!

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