The Rose Peddler: Happy Ending

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The Rose Peddler: Happy Ending

As he drove down his favorite stretch of forgotten road, in his favorite forgotten valley, he sped.

Faster, faster.

The pine trees whipped past his window and a barrage of thoughts pummeled his weary mind. How did Manny know his wife’s name—was it really just coincidence? What about his suggestion of the special roses, or his precognition that Raymond’s wife would stay home after he presented them to her? Sure, it could be coincidence—but it could be much more.

Raymond, mystified by the sight before him, quickly slammed on the brake pedal, causing his car to swerve off onto the side of the road. Chunks of gravel shot out from under his skidding tires and ricocheted through the pine trees as his car came to a halt against a large dead tree trunk, badly denting the hood of his car. Ignoring the crash, he leaped from the driver’s seat, not bothering to shift the transmission into park or shut the engine off. He stood in awe at the sight before him.

Where was the flower shop?

There was no sign of Manny. No sign of the flower shop. No sign of the misspelled sign.
Where its ramshackle edifice once stood, less than twenty-four short hours before, now stood nothing but a shriveled and dead rosebush.  Its days of emerald leaves and crimson petals were long gone, leaving behind only hollowed-out stems and jagged thorns. 

Raymond stood in awe, mouth gapping wide open.  Am I going crazy, he asked himself, did I imagine the whole incident? He glanced down at his feet, searching for the previous days tire tracks.  Yup, there they are there.  That’s swell, at least I’m not crazy.  Manny couldn’t have just packed up and left town over night, it’s impossible.  Plus there wasn’t even a single trace that the shop had ever really even been there in the first place.

Raymond stood there on the side of his favorite forgotten road, in his favorite forgotten valley, thinking of his new friend Manny, remembering his crescent smile and his sun-dried hands.  He just continued to stand there, feeling the warm wind run it’s fingers through his hair and for one slight moment, he could almost smell the most succulent smelling roses in the world—Manny’s special roses and his thoughts drifted to a beauty.

A beauty that was not lost for all eternity.

Well, at least for twenty-seven more years, thirteen more days, forty-two more minutes, and eleven more seconds.

Ten more seconds

Nine more seconds…

Eight more seconds…


Thanks For Reading,
~Curtis Rx

8 Responses to The Rose Peddler: Happy Ending

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  2. eepshyes

    Am I the only one who read both endings?

    But wait, I’m confused. Did Rose die 27 years later?

  3. Mandieville666

    yes she died twenty seven years thirteen days forty two minutes and eleven, ten, nine……. seconds later. and i also read both endings. i liked the unhappy one better.

  4. Kau

    so……………….. I read the both! Unhappy is more great than this happy… I think is a completely sad as should be! so sweet storie, you know, a sadness with one bit of sugar words. I read to the sound of Madeleine Peyroux! cos the weather of the way ask something so so so… and ah I remember only how I want my house far of city.. the city turn me crazy, noises, car, smoke.. I had one garden of roses! the smell is really very amazing. Guy I m “ow oh” with this sweet tragic storie =) I think maybe one day I dance in this way, plume sugar, simple connection and clear water like a the levity of cloud and the next cold rain in the skin of the memory, I always try but in the road I change… cos always I do a complex crazy connection and confusion…tragic things sometimes are blocked by the brain.. have a great dawn my Lord. =)

  5. BekkyS.

    I read both, and i’d have to say i like the unhappy one better cuz it has more of twist to it. It kinda reminds me of the twist to the movie “The Uninvited”, but i like this story better than that movie.You have the imagination of a complete genious Curtis. You are now my favourite author.

  6. paranormal_pandas_

    i read both. liked both but like everyone else i enjoyed the unhappy ending more. i think the desreption of her crushed body and flames licking at her made me think that it sud be true horror. it is full of sadness for the man though x( i feel badd for him…..i dont no wat i would do without my love.

  7. Abi

    Very, VERY, entertaining to read.

    Fantastic work once again! I read both endings, i love them both :3
    The unhappy had a little bit more to it but the happy had a pretty fair ending.
    I love the plots and the twists. Certainly nothing i”m good at writing!

  8. Angela

    The mathematician in me came out in this ending.
    With 27 years, 13 days, 42 minutes, and 11 seconds, if from the unhappy ending the latest tombstone being in ’71, 20 years previous, meaning that this event most likely occured in ’91. That would make the ‘beauty that is not lost for all eternity’ most likely reoccur/reappear in 2018.
    We’ll be waiting…

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